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Published:September 4th, 2010 13:31 EST

Reply To Critic Of Essay Where I Support Jerry Lewis Diss Of Lindsay Lohan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Robert, I do not agree with you. Lewis is not a hero. Just an old fool who does not know the first thing about treating substance abuse.

Maybe he should have slapped a few of his drunken cronies on his way up to the top.

I think he has forgotten all the drunks he hung with and partied with all over the world.

Please. Why back this man? Love is the only way to help someone change

... not hate ... not beatings, not dissing."

Quote from gentleman who took exception to my article where I called Jerry Lewis a hero for saying that "he`d smack Lindsay Lohan"

From the context of the email I received it`s evident that my critic is an evangelical Christian. It`s tedious responding to Christians who don`t understand the cultural mindset of the 21st century.

Jerry Lewis is a world famous comic and I`m a humble newspaper columnist and blogger, exaggeration and irony are our stock-in-trade.

Although I agree with Jerry Lewis` sentiments, I was being slightly over-the-top when I called Jerry Lewis a hero.

Lindsay Lohan is a jaded and hardened alcoholic and drug addict, and from my experience as someone who was born in the projects, junkies respond only to a kick in the rear end. (Delivered with much love of course.)

If Lindsay Lohan noticed that Jerry Lewis was winding up to punch or slap her she would have time to snort cocaine, before deflecting the old man`s punch.

Neither Jerry Lewis nor I are calling for good citizens to smack the pop tart. Lindsay Lohan needs to be smacked, metaphorically speaking! Next time she breaks the law, she should be smacked with a stiff prison sentence.

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