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Published:September 9th, 2010 11:17 EST
jackie evancho

Video: Child Prodigy Jackie Evancho Rocks The House Again!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pop culture is the most powerful force in our society, it brings Americans of disparate religious and political ideologies together. At the water cooler we forget about our differences as we discuss Snooki`s latest skanky antics and Lindsay Lohan`s latest interaction with the criminal justice system.

Pop culture may be a unifying force, but our celebrities are far from being wholesome and enlightened beings. In fact our entertainment industry attracts vainglorious and self-absorbed nitwits.

jackie evancho

My forte is pop culture and I delight in lambasting self-obsessed divas like Madonna and Mariah Carey, and drunken louts like -- well name just about anybody in Hollywood.

But every now and then an amateur competition reality show introduces us to a pure talent who hasn`t been contaminated by the Hollywood virus. Susan Boyle!

This year "America`s Got Talent" has introduced us to Jackie Evancho, a 10-year-old prodigy with the voice of an angel.

Jackie Evancho does a cute thing with her little hands as she`s singing, it`s as though she`s pulling notes out of thin air. That`s very well what she may be doing, certainly that angelic voice doesn`t have an Earthly origin.

Listen for yourselves:



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