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Published:September 13th, 2010 11:54 EST

Piers Morgan Kicks Madonna To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Britain`s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan has banned pop singer Madonna from his new television series.

Morgan, 45, who has confirmed he will be taking over Larry King`s US talk show next year, has already given bosses a list of stars he refuses to grill.


Madonna, 52, has been placed at the top of the list after Morgan criticised her charity work as a publicity stunt. Read More

Piers Morgan is a busy man; he`s also a judge on "America`s Got Talent".

Morgan is spot on in his assessment of Madonna, but it`s not just Madge`s charity work that`s a publicity stunt, her life is a publicity stunt.

I wince when I hear folks gush over Madonna for adopting African children; it`s nothing but a publicity stunt. Madonna is too busy to take care of a goldfish let alone young children. Madonna`s adopted kids are raised by nannies, I doubt if Madonna even sees her children more than twice a week.

It`s an indictment of our society that for decades Madonna has fooled millions into thinking that her publicity stunts are works of genius and generosity.

Morgan will be a quantum leap improvement over the wimpy Larry King, the British superstar isn`t afraid to speak truth to power

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