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Published:September 14th, 2010 17:07 EST
amy winehouse

Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse!

By Robert Paul Reyes

September 14 is Amy Winehouse`s birthday, and we are surprised that she has made it to age 27.

The troubled singer`s lifestyle is not conducive to living and long and healthy life, drugs and alcohol take a terrible toll on an individual. It`s a miracle that the pop tart hasn`t died of an overdose or a drug-related auto accident.

amy winehouse

You can see Amy`s drug history written on her face, she has a hard look that is found only in convicts and addicts.

Amy has beaten the odds so far, and she has disappointed many upstanding citizens who have her on their celebrity dead pools. But Wino can cheat death for only so long, the Grim Reaper is never more than a few feet behind her.

A birthday is a good time to take stock of one`s life. Amy, now would be an excellent time to check into rehab, and purpose in your heart to give up the drugs and booze.

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