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Published:September 14th, 2010 17:59 EST

Katie Roberton's Original And Unusual Ceramic Works Of Art

By Robert Paul Reyes

Recently Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself on Twitter, holding a tea cup with the word "Whore" emblazoned on it.

The cup was obviously of fine craftsmanship, and the incongruity of a delicate work of act with a vulgar message written on it captured my attention.

I was drawn to the tea cup and its creator, not to Lady Gaga. I`m used to Lady Gaga`s shenanigans, and I certainly wouldn`t expect her to be photographed holding a tea cup with an understated floral design.

Lady Gaga has yet to by any of Katie`s works of art, but she has offered to design and make some tea cups for the pop diva.

Who is the creator of this marvelous tea cup, I wondered?

Katie Roberton is the creator of this unique teacup.

From Katie`s Web site:

"I produce items that reflect my personality and arouse emotions, through shock or humour. The latest creations focus on a risqué theme, which provoke interesting reactions. I work mainly with porcelain and stoneware:

More recently I have been working with stoneware to produce more functional pieces for clients following the risqué theme. All my pieces highlight my belief in promoting the beauty of an object, with fine sculpting and curves."

You can view Katie`s work of arts and place an order at her Web site:

I don`t expect the Queen of England to be sipping tea with her pinkie in the air, from one of Katie`s teacups that have messages like "Whore`s Cup" or "Slut". But I wouldn`t be surprised to discover that many art lovers have bought Katie`s teacups.

Katie would very much like to see her pieces in a museum or gallery, but you can exhibit them in your home.

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