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Published:September 15th, 2010 19:03 EST
amy winehouse

Mark Ronson: Kissing Amy Winehouse Would Be Grotesque

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mark Ronson thinks kissing Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen would be `grotesque.` Asked if he had ever had a `cheeky snog` with either singer, he told Zoo magazine: `Those girls are like my sisters - that would be like incest. Wrong and grotesque. Read more

amy winehouse

Mark Ronson is a gentlemen and he isn`t being rude to Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen. The top notch producer has spent long hours in the studio with these two wacky ladies, and a romantic relationship with either one of them would be out of the question.

But for those of us who haven`t worked with Amy Winehouse, exchanging saliva with her would be grotesque. It would be quite a risk for a gentleman, or a lady for that matter, to French kiss the bisexual superstar. Snog Amy, and you might test positive for cocaine if you are pulled over by the cops.

But I wouldn`t mind smooching Lily Allen, I have a thing for pretty and plump girls gone wild.

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