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Published:September 20th, 2010 14:30 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse: Mark Ronson Is Dead To Me

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse, known for her car crash lifestyle just as much as her award winning vocals. The Valerie artist is known across the world for her singing style and collaborations with record producer Mark Ronson. However in an article by MTV, it seems that Amy has had a rant at Ronson during the early hours of Saturday morning. On her Twitter page Amy wrote:`"Ronson you`re dead to me; one album I write an` you take half the credit - make a career out of it? Don`t think so BRUV.`" Read More

Amy Winehouse was probably still under the influence of drugs or alcohol that early in the morning. I wouldn`t be surprised if Wino ranted against Tinky Winky at four in the morning.

amy winehouse

Mark Ronson brings out the best in Amy Winehouse; let`s hope that the crazy chanteuse apologizes to the talented record producer. I`m hoping that they will collab again in the near future.

Somebody should give Amy Winehouse an Etch an "Etch a Sketch" and tell her it`s a computer the next time she gets an urge to Tweet so early in the morning.

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