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Published:September 20th, 2010 14:07 EST

Cougar Madonna On The Prowl For New Toyboy?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Superstar Madonna, 52, has crush on hunky Oscar Isaac, 30

Cougar alert, Cougar alert! Lock up your pretty Hispanic boys at the double. Read More


Madonna hired Isaac for W.E, the movie she is currently directing. Madge failed miserably as an actress; she is now trying to earn respect as a director. But no director with even a smidgen of integrity would hire an actor, hoping and praying she will be able to seduce him.

Madonna has grown weary of her current toyboy Jesus Luz, 22, and she may be seeking to replace him with Oscar Isaac.

Jesus Luz is a straight up gigolo, and he struck gold when Madonna took a liking to him. But Isaac is a respected actor, and hopefully he will have the integrity and courage to spurn the sexual advances of the ageing diva.

Madonna creeps out everybody except her diehard fans with her brazen pursuit of men young enough to be her grandchildren. Madge`s sycophants may tell her, "You Go Girl", but the rest of us are wincing at her skanky antics.

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