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Published:September 21st, 2010 13:02 EST

Snooki Loves N Snyc: Hello! Told You Snooki Is Nuts!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snooki took to her Twitter account tonight to reflect on her teenage days and what she was obsessed with back then. She tweeted, "Jammin out to Nsync. When i was 13 you couldnt even see my walls cause i had nsync pictures EVERYWHERE. What memories!" More
How do you explain Snooki? What childhood traumas lead a grown woman to bake in a sun tanning bed until her face is neon orange? What psychological scars result in a lady wearing a hairdo that reaches the heavens? What nightmares did Snooki endure that can possibly explain her strutting around with a T-Shirt with the word "Slut" emblazoned on it?


One word: `Nsync

When a young girl is exposed to the toxic influence of a boy band or a teen idol, she might grow up to be a serial killer or a star in a reality TV show.

If your tween daughter is into Justin Beiber, for God`s sake arrange an intervention! We don`t need any more Snookis wreaking havoc.

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