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Published:September 22nd, 2010 13:12 EST
rachael ray

Rachael Ray Has A Mad Gay Crush On Tina Fey

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Rachael Ray will bat for the other team -- for a chosen few -- she admitted to Craig Ferguson on `The Late Late Show` (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS). She revealed this little nugget when discussing her new cooking show. The celebrity chef loves that its title rhymes with her name: `Rachael Ray`s Week in a Day.`

rachael ray

`What about `Rachael Ray: She`s Sometimes Gay?` suggested Ferguson. `Cause I`d watch that show, I tell you that.`

`I actually have a short list of women that I am a little gay for,` Ray said. Ranking first is Tina Fey. And apparently the chef has already told her. So, to recap: Rachael Ray is sometimes gay for Tina Fey. That rhymes, too. Will it be her next show?" Read More

Tina Fey is a beautiful, brainy and ballsy woman, but she`s not the typical Hollywood bombshell. I was somewhat surprised that quite a few guys have a crush on the "30 Rock" star. A few months ago a couple of friends and I were naming our Top Five hottest actresses, and all three of us mentioned Tina Fey.

Rachael isn`t your typical sex goddess, but she`s cute as a button. I fantasize about Rachael inviting me over for dinner at her place. After a fabulous gourmet meal, we play checkers and then I chastely kiss her on her cheek and say goodbye. Who am I kidding, we never finish that game of checkers, I`m all over her like white on rice after a couple of minutes playing checkers.

Tina Fey`s sex appeal transcends gender, Rachael Ray has a gay crush on the SNL alum. If these two talented and gorgeous women hooked up, the result would be a worldwide harmonic that would usher in a thousand year period of love and peace.

For the sake of humanity, we must persuade Fey and Ray to become girlfriends. Hopefully they will release a video of their intimate moments for the edification of the world.

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