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Published:September 23rd, 2010 13:35 EST
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan: Victim Of Drug Addiction Disease Or Cynical Junkie?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan certainly sounded contrite in her confessional Sept. 17 tweet, in which she admitted to failing a drug test. (`I`m taking responsibility for my actions and am prepared to face the consequences,` Lohan, 24, wrote.)

lindsay lohan

But a witness saw the star craft her statement that night on her Blackberry at Hollywood eatery Magnolia - and tells the new Us Weekly that a flippant Lohan laughed and quaffed Jack and Cokes as she typed.

The actress, who has been to rehab four times, even joked about drinking whiskey that night, telling pals, "What are you gonna do?` I`m ill` - making air quotes with her fingers.

I am not surprised that Lindsay Lohan allegedly giggled while typing her Twitter confession. The pop tart is no doubt laughing at the lenient judge, and at the idiots who feel sympathy for her because she`s a victim suffering from the disease of drug addiction.

Lohan will probably laugh when she leaves the courtroom on Friday, I`m betting that the bleeding-heart judge won`t send her back to jail.

Drug addiction is not a disease, Lohan didn`t catch a virus that robbed her of her free will and rendered her powerless to resist the urge to snort cocaine.

"Substance abuse is a disease which unfortunately doesn`t go away over night." the pop tart declared in a recent Twitter post.

But when crafting her apology Lindsay joked about her "illness." Lindsay realizes that the "drug addiction is a disease" defense is malarkey, but a lot of namby-pamby fools fall for it.

Lindsay Lohan is laughing all the way to the bank at the rank stupidity of the American public.

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