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Published:June 19th, 2008 22:47 EST
We Must Consider Unusual Ways To Conserve Energy

We Must Consider Unusual Ways To Conserve Energy

By Robert Paul Reyes

National Average of Gas $4.08!

Barrel Of Oil Approaches $140!

Why China Just Can`t Get Enough Oil!

Nigerian Rebels Attack Oil Installations!

Israel Attack On Iran Is A Question Of When Not If!

Osama Threatens Saudi Arabian Oil Fields!

World Oil Supply Diminishing!

These alarming headlines have finally forced America, the world`s largest oil consumer, to address the energy crisis.

It`s important to realize that there are no short-term solutions, there is nothing Congress or the president can do that will give consumers immediate relief.

But we must start now to implement some long-range solutions, because things will get dramatically worse if we don`t take action now.

Nothing should be off the table; every solution, no matter how unpalatable, must be given serious consideration.

As an environmentalist, it`s not easy for me to admit that we can`t rule out offshore drilling or tapping the Arctic National Wildlife refuge. What`s more important: protecting Caribou from possible harm, or taking steps to ensure that the American working poor have enough money to eat?

We must get serious about alternative sources of energy. If we go full steam ahead with this approach, in twenty years we will no longer be held hostage by foreign oil producers.

We must think outside the box. Let`s look at unorthodox solutions. In America, it may be a rite of passage for a 16-year-old kid to get his own car, but it`s not written in stone and it`s not a constitutional right. Maybe it`s time to raise the age to qualify for a drivers license to 18, this would not only save fuel, but save lives. Adults drive to go to work and run errands; kids drive around aimlessly all day and all night long, they waste fuel like it`s going out of style. I`m glad that teens don`t read political Blogs, I don`t want my inbox to be full of nasty emails.

Another unique way to address the fuel crisis is to levy a luxury tax of $1,500 or more on the purchase of any oversized SUV. The money can be used to research alternative forms of energy.

While politicians contemplate these unusual ways to conserve energy, we can take the practical steps of: Buying a bike or scooter, taking public transportation, and buying hybrids or other energy-efficient vehicles.

If you have an unusual idea for dealing with the energy crisis please send me an email.