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Published:June 25th, 2008 10:07 EST
The Enemy of the Environment is President George W. Bush

The Enemy of the Environment is President George W. Bush

By Robert Paul Reyes

The George Bush administration has been a disaster for the environment. How can you expect any environmentally-friendly legislation to be signed into law when President Bush doesn`t even believe in global warming?

Bush is Public Enemy Number One when it comes to protecting the environment, he takes a perverse delight in opposing green-friendly legislation.

"California House Republicans have sent a letter to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger asking their fellow Republican to stop pushing for the state to limit auto tailpipe emissions.

The letter, signed by 13 members of the California GOP delegation, urges Schwarzenegger `to let the federal standard work.`

The governor has been at odds with the Bush administration over the state`s right to regulate vehicle emissions. Schwarzenegger sent a letter last month, to which the Republicans are responding, urging support for California`s law."

Quotation from The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert

I was born in San Francisco, and I lived there for most of my life. I think Frisco is the most beautiful city in the world, but some days the smog is as pervasive as the famous San Francisco fog.

The federal standards are inadequate; fortunately, Gov. Schwarzenegger is a friend of the environment and he is pushing for stricter standards.

The American public and Mother Earth will breathe a sigh of relief when Obama moves into the White House next year.