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Published:October 24th, 2009 14:15 EST
Getting A Divorce Is Bad For The Planet

Getting A Divorce Is Bad For The Planet

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Staying married is better for the planet because divorce leads the newly single to live more wasteful lifestyles, an Australian lawmaker said Tuesday.

Senator Steve Fielding told a Senate hearing in the Australian capital Canberra that divorce only made climate change worse.

When couples separated, they needed more rooms, more electricity and more water. This increased their carbon footprint, Australian Associated Press (AAP) quoted Fielding as telling the hearing on environmental issues." Reuters

When couples split up they have to heat and do the upkeep on two houses instead of one. This increases the carbon footprint and contributes to climate change.

It`s hard to cook for one individual, that`s why single persons are more likely to order pizza and buy pre-packaged meals that are ready to heat and serve. All that extra packaging fills up landfills, and is a disaster for the environment.

An unattached person is more likely to drive to a bar or a club, while a married couple will be content to stay home and watch TV. Needless to say all that extra driving around looking for someone to hook up with increases air pollution.

But it`s still better for the environment to be single and childless, than married with a bunch of kids. A couple should be allowed to have only two children, having more than two is a sin against Mother Earth. Octomom will be delegated to the lowest pit in hell for bearing so many kids.

If you are married, stay married for the sake of Mother Earth. If you are single find a friend or lover to live with for the sake of the environment. And if you already have two kids, for God`s sake don`t have any more.

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