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Published:September 1st, 2009 18:13 EST
Fish vs. Global Warming

Fish vs. Global Warming

By Rob Roy

What`s it gonna` be?  Fish or tidal generators?  Sorry fish, only a kook would place fish above the planet`s fate.

Are my fellow environmentalists serious about global warming, or aren`t they?  Here are some reports:


[Some snippets]

Tidal energy use harnesses the water flow created primarily by the moon orbiting the Earth. [snip]

Tidal energy use involving dams creates many of the same environmental concerns as damming rivers. Tidal dams restrict fish migration and cause silt build up which affects tidal basin ecosystems in negative ways. [snip]

Both systems use turbines that can cause fish kills. But these are being replaced by new, more fish friendly turbines. [snip]

[Then in the `aesthetics` section ...]

Tidal energy projects involving dams would involve about the same aesthetic concerns as other dams. But many of the systems that use natural tidal currents will be largely hidden from view. [snip]

[Who gives a fig about aesthetics if they are truly worried about global warming?]


Hurdle for renewable tidal power

[Some snippets]

Brandt said the environmental concerns include the effect the slowly revolving turbine blades might have on fish and marine mammals, along with the electromagnetic and noise effects. There also are concerns that the underwater turbines could create dead zones " in Puget Sound by interfering with circulation flows and nutrient patterns. [snip]

Brandt said the lab previously had developed a mechanical device they called a sensor fish they placed in the turbine of a Columbia River dam in an effort to learn how fish were affected when they flowed through the turbines. Brandt said it, along with lab studies, found the fish were rarely struck by turbine blades but were affected by shear and pressure differences. [snip]


Now look -- we should be full steam ahead.  When sea creatures get killed, it`s a small price to pay.  Oops, time for sea food.  People should grow up; fish eat each other anyway.  Fish will die, but we should be modifying tidal generators as we go, not holding back.  Anyone who truly believes in global warming should be willing to sacrifice aesthetics and fish.  As far as I`m concerned, there`s something "fishy" about these "fish" objections.