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Published:October 11th, 2009 13:01 EST
Future Capitalism for the Poor- Solar Energy

Future Capitalism for the Poor- Solar Energy

By Yasmin Esack

If wasn`t for a report carried by the BBC some months ago, I would never have heard of this incredible venture. So thanks BBC. What`s the story?

Dr. Mohammed Yunus`s Grameen Energy. On stream in Bangladesh is a woman led company that is producing photovoltaic cells or solar panels to trap solar energy. If all continues to go well, more than 100,000 women from the rural and urban poor will be employed fulltime within five years.

Recently anointed by US President Obama, (Yunus received a President`s medal for outstanding achievements) Mohammed Yunus has thousands of youths recruited on this program also and is one which will form a major part of Kenya`s Microcredit Summit in April 2010. (

This is the future of capitalism, one that is led by the poor. Economic pundits predict that oil will reach $400 US per barrel within ten years. It is this fact that will bolster solar energy more so than the mania over climate change.

So, who wants to be a slum millionaire when you can be a slum billionaire?

It seems that climate change will take center stage at this year`s CHOGM in Trinidad and Tobago. Local environmental groups are already gearing up for the show. Too much talk and too little action, I say. So, let`s follow Bangladesh`s lead in this business of global warming and take charge.

My question is: Do you think this project can be cloned in other parts of the world?