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Published:August 25th, 2010 09:09 EST
How Does Business and The World Economy Cash in on Global Warming?

How Does Business and The World Economy Cash in on Global Warming?

By SOP newswire2

Record heat in Moscow was more than 30 degrees above normal this year. Before the summer of 2010 analysts scoffed at such ludicrous predictions in the absence of historic backing. Analysts optimistically said the thawing of Siberia would mean a longer growing season for food crops. Instead, it means that huge underground lakes of methane no longer trapped in ice are thawing to release a greenhouse gas (12) twelve times more toxic than CO2 into the atmosphere, and the projected longer growing season is nixed by drought. Analysts were wrong on every side.

China is expected to have more people displaced than any other country with coastline, including Bangladesh, due to global warming. If they force us to adopt the renmembi they can offset their global warming disaster with what is left of the U.S. economy. Don`t think they won`t or you will find yourself wrong yet again about China.

How does business and the world economy cash in on global warming? We aren`t especially good at creating future business that compensates for the losses of present business. In Russia, the drought and heat cost $3.3 billion in losses per region for wheat production in 2010. What replaced it? Nothing, but you can sell ice cream in Moscow. Ice cream sales in Russia is at an all-time high, markets reporting 4 to 10 times sales increases. Never mind that dairy farming is considered a problem to CO2 levels. Beer sales are benefiting. Russia`s problem with alcoholism and the myriad of social problems it incurs aren`t helped by this trend either.

Air conditioning and fans are selling like hotcakes. Problem. They must be fueled with electricity, which is the problem in the first place, in Russia, in China, and in any industrial country. That leads me to point out an unforgivable blunder right here at home, within our own government`s policies regarding the relationship of climate change to energy and the economy:

The United States Department of Energy has declined to fund R&BD for a type of wind farm technology that produces near nuclear output, called A.L. Lamar Wind Energy Technology. Without money it cannot be built. The DOE`s grounds were that the project did not fit the department`s mission. Here is what the project would accomplish.The project reduced CO2 emissions to zero; it provided new and long-term jobs within the United States ( unemployment is now at highs seen during the Great depression of the 20th Century) -- new jobs here, not abroad; it laid the groundwork for a new tax base in industry; it improved national security by reducing foreign dependence on imported fuel. It stimulated the economy with the single most important core industrial driver -- energy. Clean, renewable energy.

An agent of the Chinese government who is known to our FBI, (I`ll call Mr. X) has alleged he has gained (7) seven renewable energy contracts from Mr. Chu at the DOE, all to be located in China. It is illegal for ME to speak to Mr. Chu as an applicant for funding. I am only an American. Mr. X has much more power in Washington than I and is apparently immune to our laws.

Global warming and the current world economic balance is making the United States into a global loser because public policy is not being constructed for companies like mine, owned by small middle-class people. Those policies are for Mr. X and the Chinese government, most apparent to me. The laws are skewed to tie my hands because I am a U.S. citizen, not an international power broker. No one can win against global warming if ice cream replaces wheat, or if beer becomes a daily staple just to keep cool. No one can win if the air conditioner or fan needs electric current generated by sources that produce by-products of CO2 emissions. No one can win against global warming unless we gain control of our sovereignty and recover loyalty to United States interests. Until then we will continue to see more loss than gain.

A.L. Lamar

Lamar Wind Energy Technology
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