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Published:August 29th, 2010 16:54 EST
Sea Turtles Still in Danger

Sea Turtles Still in Danger

By SOP newswire2

A recent study suggests that nearly 80% of the oil released by the Deepwater Horizon offshore disaster remains. [1] That means that millions of barrels are still poisoning our sea turtles, fouling our coasts and threatening the survival of endangered marine life like sperm whales and bluefin tuna.

Solving just 20% of the problem isn`t enough. Demand that your senators pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act (S. 3663), legislation to preserve vital habitat for sea turtles and other wildlife and improve oversight and accountability to prevent the next offshore oil disaster.

Just use the information below to contact your senators now:

  • Bill Nelson - (407) 872-7161
  • George LeMieux - (407) 254-2573

If you do not see your senators information above, please call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your senators` Washington, DC offices.

" and deliver this simple message:

My name is Judyth Piazza, and I`m calling from  Vero Beach to urge [your senators] to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Accountability Act (S. 3663) as soon as they return to Washington, DC in September.

While we don`t yet know the full extent of the environmental and economic impacts of this spill, we have already seen the devastation it has caused to wildlife, fisheries and coastal economies.

If passed, the Senate bill would improve offshore drilling management and crisis response and finally guarantee funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund " an important tool for preserving and restoring habitat for Gulf wildlife and other animals. It would also invest in Home Star, an energy efficiency program that lowers consumers` energy costs and creates jobs.

Please let me know that you called. In the weeks ahead, we will be following up with your senators to ensure that they know how much you care about a more comprehensive response to the Gulf oil disaster.

While the oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf, we are far from mission accomplished. "

The House of Representatives has passed a bill to address much needed drilling reforms, and now it`s time for the Senate to do the same.

The BP oil disaster has affected every Gulf state " and beyond. Fisheries have been devastated, tourism to the area has plummeted, wildlife refuges and marshes have been fouled with oil, toxic tar has washed onto beaches, and thousands of dolphins, sea turtles, herons, pelicans, and countless other bird and wildlife species were coated in oil, facing slow and agonizing deaths.

With hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity dependent on clean coasts and healthy coastal waters, this spill has already resulted in damage for coastal areas dependent on tourism or fishing.

For example, in Alabama, rental reservations were canceled, and they saw a more than 50 percent reduction in tourists to the Gulf Coast area of Baldwin County. The loss of tourism trickles into the rest of the community. Without tourists, gas stations, restaurants, and shops also suffer. There have already been layoffs and businesses closed, and many local businesses (specifically fishing-related ones) are about to shut their doors.

Oil companies cannot promise that something like this disaster won`t happen in the Gulf or other coastal areas, and there is simply too much danger to subject major fisheries and wildlife areas to continued offshore drilling without real reform.

Please call your senators today and take a stand for responsible action to address the Gulf oil disaster " and help prevent the next offshore environmental catastrophe!

For the Wild Ones,

Marcia Lesky
National Outreach Director
Defenders of Wildlife