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Published:August 25th, 2009 11:37 EST
"Because of you, a time away" A SONG FOR YOU

"Because of you, a time away" A SONG FOR YOU

By Mark Freedman

Because of you, I get to be a working dad,

When we cross the street I can hold your hand,

Because of you, my days are spent growing and learning,

To weep with you, feel pain with you,

Share joy with you and live life with you.


Because of you I take my medicine every night now,

Because of you I don`t drink when I go out, 

And pray for you and your mom before I go to sleep now,


Our happiness comes from seeing you grow,

Seeing you happy, and watching you learn to love,

The way we love you.


My home is where you are, my heart is with you,

And because of you I am found,

With no desire to chase the world in the tail of its wind,

But a desire to spend time with you, provide for you,

 And grow old watching you grow up.


So because of you baby girl, 

I`d rather change a diaper than be the richest man,

I`d rather potty train you and watch you miss, than have all the land,

I`d rather you destroy the house with paint and glue,

Then clean the house, because of you.


I`d rather mow the lawn and run over toys,

Chase you down in theme parks, and keep you away from boys, 

Pull the gum from my hair, and tie your shoes,

This is my real joy,.. because of you.



(A time away from you)


Light of this future brings

A warming sound

For all to hear


Time will tell

If your on the road

Are you going home?

O loving child


Enter my home

Ill see you there

Enter my home ill see you there

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