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Published:August 28th, 2009 14:00 EST
The Joys of Silence

The Joys of Silence

By Devinder Sharma

People travel miles to go to strange or new places. Some go to cities and towns to experience new cultures while others go to out of the way place away from the well known touristy places to encounter and experience loneliness. At a superficial level being in places with people around you is not being lonely but at a deeper level one could still be lonely because you do not speak their language, do not know their everyday culture and perhaps know no one. If one is to encounter new experiences be they of the senses or the mind which spring from within then you have to cultivate silence and if you are looking to superimpose these experiences on your existing inventory any new place will do.


People are afraid of being alone or being in silence for some time. Silence opens new doors of perception and provides you the strength and the atmosphere to think through and reach unknown levels of thought and perceive wisdom. Why do people avoid that? When a man or woman makes friends with one`s silence and reaches his or her soul, listen to the divinity within or find his or her true self and if these be complex or abstract things believe me when you understand your silence you will never be bored in your life, which is a small gain. It is worth it.


The refrain that the outside world is real and substantial while the inner world is a make believe and escapist is something that you have to test for yourself before coming to a definitive understanding. Why not undertake an experiment. Go a few kilometers from where you live and reach a place where you could be alone and not be seen. Don`t take your cellular but if you must switch it off. Just soak in the silence. How long should you stay there? Stay in the silent place you have located for a few hours if you can and if not at least two hours. Do this regularly, if not daily at least on week ends. Do this for at least half a dozen times if not more.


In your real outside world you think and worry about money, work life balance, relationships, professional success, possessions, children, diseases and affliction and old age and so on. There are other important things like peace, harmony, happiness, joy, clarity, intelligence, security, melody, completeness, compassion and similar expressions of a fulfilling life. If you are looking for these in the outer world you are not going to find them there. They come from by going inside you and contemplating.


Silence is not an absence of speech it is another consciousness; silence is not mulling over what is in front of you but an inner state; silence is not an effort in just opening yourself but living in the present; silence is not a punishment or an awkward moment, it is the door to your understanding of yourself. Soon you will realize that silence is a great treasure and unlike other treasures no one can take it away from you or steal it.


Unless you go and find loneliness and experience silence you do not know what you have been missing. 


Go and try it and in the worst case try it in your own house but I doubt you will find it there, yes once you have known it you can be silent anywhere.