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Published:September 22nd, 2009 14:20 EST
Swine & Wine Is Getting Bacon Freak & Huge Accolades

Swine & Wine Is Getting Bacon Freak & Huge Accolades

By Rocco Loosbrock

Truth is, it`s mighty satisfying, if I do say so myself, to finally see something that we here at Bacon Freak have been telling people day in and day out " for years, finally get acknowledged; and we actually get much of the credit for the success, which is a fine howdy do " indeed!

Most long-time Baconistas " remember back to when we first started telling people about the amazingly delicious culinary combination possible if they set themselves up with the right style of our gourmet bacon and the bottle of our premium quality, boutique style wine.

The idea was becoming so popular with our regular Bacon Freak Monthly Bacon Club Members " and bacon customers who frequent our easy and convenient Online Bacon Freak Bacon Shop that we were getting bogged down by all of the emails, phone calls and letters asking for us to help them more perfectly combine the right wine with the right style of Bacon Freak bacon.

Hat lead to our rushing out and quickly establishing our Bacon Freak / Coastal Vineyards combination Swine and Wine Club " for our loyal members and customers and BOOM, " with the amazingly quick and strong  popularity of that club rising faster than we ever could have predicted, the rest simply came down to a matter of time.

Yes, truth be told, anyone who has ever experienced a Swine and Wine " party, event or meal knows that it`s not the fact that this delectably delicious dietary delight is being enthusiastically welcomed with open arms and engulfed with open mouths. What is rather unusual, however, is the overwhelming speed with which Swine and Wine " has ridden its meteoric rise into mass popularity.

 What were once occasional, isolated events taking place down south, such as the Swine and Wine Event To Benefit Jones Valley Urban Farm " reported by Bob Carlton in both the Birmingham News of Birmingham AL, as well as their online news portal are now becoming posh and well attended events in even the most sophisticated , high society circles.

Even cuisine critic and epicurean expert Don Rockwell has posted taken the time to post a review of the savory Swine and Wine " meal seductively served up to it`s international patrons at the very posh and popular Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar "

Even Splash Magazine`s very elegant and sophisticated Valentine`s Day Food & Beverage Gift Guide " for the year 2009 included a wonderful do it yourself " selection of Swine and wine " with their optimum choice of gourmet bacon combined with a fine premium quality wine perfectly matched to create a taste sensation in your mouth that you are not likely to ever forget.

And guess whose bacon and wine was the only Swine and Wine Club "featured in the magazines Gift Guide! " That`s right; it was US, &

The real mind blower is just how quickly this raging tide and surging swell is catching on in popularity. A quick click over to, typing in the search term Swine and Wine " we get a results page within .006 seconds listing 4,930,000 pages online dedicated to the topic.

And you`ll never guess WHO is The #1 top listed swine and wine " featured on Google, for those looking to experience the wonderment of Swine and Wine " for themselves. That`s right, once again, it` your good friends here at &

This is pretty awesome, as now the entire world can finally experience how our expert panel of connoisseur chefs combine the unique flavor profiles of each of our gourmet bacons with the perfectly matching Coastal Vineyards wines to create the ultimate swine & wine " pairing experience for your own enjoyment or for a memory making gift.

Such is the story of this seductively sultry and sensuously savory, sweet and salty swine and wine " sensation. Unusual, not because of the flavorful combination, which is actually out of this world, but because of how fast this tasty trend is catching on and gain steam in its mass popularity.

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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Rocco owns and runs a Bacon of the Month Club called The Bacon Freak Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon Club as well as a Wine Club called the Coastal Vineyard Wine Club