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Published:November 19th, 2009 21:00 EST
Authors Prelude to Coming Articles "My Brothers Keeper"!

Authors Prelude to Coming Articles "My Brothers Keeper"!

By Mark A. Christensen

This is the first time; this author will be writing and submitting articles in the forums of the SOP network When I am not working on a manuscript for my Literary Advocate, Judyth Piazza, I will be submitting articles that are near and dear to my heart. Being a drama writer,  my works show readers a better way people should look at things or treat one another, in hopes to make people think what they are doing to one another is wrong, so the world God only intended for us to share, returns soon and stop the mockery a few have made it become.

The readers will note in my biography, I am currently working on the novel, My Brother`s Keeper". This book, and all future articles I submit here on the SOP, will be using true courtroom cases, that document there is not Justice for All, only for a few, and may the best liar win!

This authors own divorce case, and the many fathers and legal scholars that contribute their facts to me, will ultimately open the people`s eyes to the corruption that is underlying and deceiving justice within divorce courtrooms. These articles will sadly prove to the readers, the biased that still goes on against fathers around the nation, including small town America. By utilizing true court room cases, will enable this writer to ask the readers by the evidence that was used to render these harsh punishments many fathers have endured, and continue, is our justice system truly our "Brothers Keeper,` "or had we better return and  band together to be our own Brothers Keepers?"

We have drifted away over the years being each other`s Brother`s Keeper ", expecting  "Justice For All`, was our Keeper, only to find when it`s too late, it is only "A Justice,` for only a few, and may the best liar and cheat win!

We were supposed to be each other`s Brother`s Keeper" during our lifetime, and watch out for each other. Sadly we placed our unknowing trust in our Justice System to be it for us, that this author and other fathers around the nation, will sadly show readers, injustice is alive and well and has become our Brothers Keepers " and if we don`t reverse this injustice,  the blood spilt around the nation these last ten years, will continue needlessly.

The time is now for all human beings to admit this injustice and put a tourniquet on this wound, and help those fathers served this injustice, the fairness to heal, and give hope to the fathers that one day  find themselves in a deceitful marriage, their "Brothers Keepers, " will make sure they have a fair and just representation.

The goal of these articles and novel will only be to achieve a fair and just verdict for the lives of all Gods people, for if courtrooms vow to protect God`s Commandments, only to participate in letting them be broken before his Eyes, where does this truly serve God nor HIS people? A fair and just law.

God trusted we would be our Brother`s Keeper," and not allow evil to inflict harm upon another of his people. We have failed too long, and the time has come to admit we must return, justice cannot be expected or trusted any longer, it has destroyed too many innocent people thus far, and has pained God each time it has been allowed to be done.

As the author produces these articles, at any time a reader questions the evidence, or facts of the cases used in these articles and novel, court cases involving these cases have been uploaded at and any reader can verify the facts and court cases used in these articles for themselves, it is a wealth of great information as well.

The First article in the series will be, Your Attorney, would you ever suspect?"

Mark A. Christensen Author, of Mansfield, Ohio and Billings, Montana &  Brian Kinter, Paris, Ohio. Contributing Consultant and Legal Research