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Published:November 19th, 2009 11:38 EST
Divorce: A Liberating and Healthy Experience

Divorce: A Liberating and Healthy Experience

By SOP newswire2

Most people agree that divorce can be devastating, but newly emerging expert opinions say that it doesn`t have to be. In fact, they say, divorce can actually bring happiness into many people`s lives.
Traditionally, people have stayed in bad marriages to avoid being alone, citing issues of separation anxiety, feelings of abandonment, depression, financial instability or the prospect of being a single parent as reasons for steering clear of divorce.
Fear of the unknown also can trap you in a bad marriage for a very long time, especially if children are involved, " says Judy Joseph Hamlin, author of the new book From Riches to Happiness and a former real-life Orange County housewife. How will you support yourself and your kids? Who can you rely on? I asked myself all these questions and worked hard to find their answers. And I`m here to let other women know that divorce can lead to happiness. "
America`s psychologist " Dr. Jeff Gardere mirrored Ms. Hamlin`s thoughts during a recent visit to CBS` The Early Show. Struggling to get out of a toxic relationship, he said, is worth it. Despite the temporary setbacks you may experience, removing yourself from a bad marriage will improve your health, your self-esteem and your overall outlook on life.
In From Riches to Happiness, Ms. Hamlin recalls her lifeless marriage to an affluent lawyer who focused not on love and respect but material possessions and social status. After years of suffering, she left him and started over, eventually choosing to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a special education teacher. Through hard work and lots of trial and error, Ms. Hamlin built a better life for herself and her children and in the process learned that having passion for all you do is more important than what kind of car you drive.
I used to have it all "the big house, the Mercedes-Benz and the closets full of designer clothes "but I lost most of it when I left my husband. " says Ms. Hamlin. Now, I`ve found that there`s not just life after divorce but success, joy and even love. I`m remarried, and I don`t miss the money I used to have "or the emotional price I had to pay for it. "
Judy Joseph Hamlin has a master`s degree and is credentialed in special education. She is a teacher in Newport Beach, California.