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Published:November 23rd, 2009 09:55 EST
Finding Love and Losing it in London

Finding Love and Losing it in London

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

In 1967, I was the manager of a small travel agency in London. ATA Tourism Ltd on 213 Piccadilly.  

Once, a delightful French girl had come to our agency looking for work as au-pair. A friend of mine and his wife needed an au-pair for their two year old son.


I contacted them and we agreed with the French girl to visit them on Saturday.


When we visited my friends, they became a little reluctant to employ the French girl, as my friend`s wife became jealous of her. I accompanied the French girl in the "tube", gave her my home phone and asked her to call me to tell how it worked out and expressed my interest to meet her again. She agreed to meet me again and promised to call me. I went off to Hampstead Heath where I lived and she continued to the next stop, where she lived temporarily.


I heard from my friends in the coming days, that they had decided not to employ her for the said reason. The French girl didn`t call me again. I had fallen in love with her. I didn`t have her phone number. I went several times, after work, to the station where she lived waiting for her, hoping to find her again. No luck. I had her name and last name. Her last name was a very rare one. I looked in the French phone books for her phone number. I found twelve numbers in the entire France. I called them one by one. No luck. I went to the French Embassy to ask if they would have some record of her address in London. No luck.

I became desperate, sad, and miserable.  Then, one day, during my lunch break, I went to buy The Times across the street, as there had been a terrible earthquake in Turkey. The Times was sold out. A tall Swedish girl was reading Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish paper, which had a half page picture of the earthquake in eastern Turkey.

I asked the girl if she would be kind enough to translate the news for me. She accepted. We went and sat on a bench a few yards away and she translated the news for me. To show my appreciation I invited her for a drink. She told me that she was in hurry to get somewhere, but invited me to her hotel after work.

She was staying in a small hotel at Bayswater. I went to her hotel and gave her name to the receptionist. As he was looking in a book to see in which room the Swedish girl was staying in, I was eyeing the book as well. Suddenly, I saw the name of the French girl there.

I couldn`t believe my eyes!  I asked the receptionist if the French girl were staying there too. 
A little puzzled, the receptionist said "Yes".   "OK" I said, I must visit her first.  "She just left the hotel," the receptionist explained. I immediately left the hotel to look for her. No luck.

After a week, the French girl called me to apologize for she didn`t call me earlier. She said I wasn`t her type and she saw no reason to call me. I explained how much I looked for her, and called twelve numbers in France; asked the French Embassy; and by a coincidence, located the hotel she was staying in, at Bayswater,  but she had already left the hotel and told her how much I longed to meet her. After listening to me, she accepted to come and meet me. Then, we never left one another for a year.

The details of this miracle (if you accept finding a lost person in the 12 million- London, then, is a miracle) in my book SMALL MIRACLES,  together with many other very stunning stories of miraculous happenings in my life, in different countries.


The book is sold at 200 Internet bookshops, incl., and your favorite Internet bookshop in your area, under my name, or can be purchased at 25,000 bookstores globally by giving the ISBN of the book.

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