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Published:February 22nd, 2010 11:05 EST

MIRACLES: They Happen When You Least Expect Them!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Year 1969. It was a snowy Boston Saturday. I had planned to buy a small gift in the shop across the street and go to my fiancé`s birthday party. I went to the grocery shop downstairs
first to cash a cheque, as I always did. Alas, the shop-keeper was ill and his son did not cash my cheque. Neither the shop across the street accepted a cheque, so I could buy a scarf for my fiancée.

gift box

Thinking what to do, on the sidewalk, a huge truck stopped at the traffic lights. Then, when green, took off with big speed. Its backdoors opened and a parcel flew off into the snow.

There were only a few persons around, far away. After some hesitation, I picked the parcel up and my first thought was to put it in the mail-box on the corner. As I inspected the parcel, I noticed the address label was torn off.

It would neither go to the addressee nor to the sender.

I took the parcel to my apartment and opened it. It was a gorgeous knitten "de-piece" - a yellow blouse and a dark blue skirt. It was a miracle!  I ripped of the remains of the damaged address label, as well as I could, wrapped the parcel in gift-paper and there I was, with a nice gift off to my fiancée.

She worked as an aupair in the house of a psychiatrist. When I arrived at her place, she was very glad to see me, but a bit angry at me for I had bought such an expensive gift for her! Of course, I didn`t tell her that I had found the parcel on the road! She wondered a little at the box with a ripped off label. I explained that although I had asked the salesgirl to make a gift-wrapping, "the stupid salesgirl had put it in such a box!"

The psychiatrist didn`t believe what I said. "The stupid salesgirl eh?" he commented.
Much to my surprise, the dress fit her perfectly. Not necessary to alter a centimeter.
This was one of the small miracles of God I had experienced in my life.
Thirty very unusual such miracles- big and small- I have experienced in my life, I related in my book "SMALL MIRACLES". Miracles continue to happen in my life - big or small.
I thank God for these.
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