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Published:March 1st, 2010 18:58 EST
Pledge of Alligeance

And "Justice For All"....

By Mark A. Christensen

This article used as a editorial, addresses the front-page article on a woman`s threats against local attorneys, that appeared on the 26th of February, 2010, Telegraph Forum Newspaper, Bucyrus Ohio.


In school, we all came to believe, as we had to recite the pledge of allegiance every morning before class began that were assured of Justice for all ". The pledge would not lie to us, would it?

When reading this editorial, the reader must keep in mind, Judges were once lawyers, and lawyers were college educated  and had to pass the state bar exam to be admitted to practice. Supposedly, for our protection, there are many Ethical rules of Professional conduct, meant to keep attorneys behavior and practice in line with astute principals that guide fairness in law. Perjury and lack of evidence are never to be allowed to be used against anyone! Again, is a citation that was given to keep lay people off balance from the truth".

Justice is served by a brotherhood of attorneys who decide amongst themselves who wins and who loses, who will hide the evidence and speak their own perjury to hide their hidden agenda. Did those years of great law television shows, showing attorneys adamantly going to all lengths to prove their clients case, opposing adamantly the other side, give false hopes of what justice would grant us one day, sadly only granted the best liars and deceivers. However, would any of us think a lawyer, even your own, would hide the evidence and speak perjury him/her self, to grant the brotherhood opposing counsel a victory?

The past decade, as morals and principals faded, and justice became a corrupt force that rendered unfavorable verdicts and punished too many innocent, while allowing the guilty to escape. Sadly too many people have lost their faith in justice, and began rendering their own justice, as we all have bear witnessed to the escalation in murders and bombings, a few unable to bear the tolerance of an out of control justice system, that is in need of repair. To take justice into our own hands, is as wrong as what the legal system has begun to practice by destruction of innocent people, and worse, the real victims many times the innocent children in the cross fire, as this authors own divorce in Crawford county, has firsthand experience in dealing with this travesty in justice, but believes in the alternatives rather than what a few around the world have begun doing to take things into their own hands.

For if we are really God`s children as taught us as children, then we have to believe that we have no more right to carry out justice ourselves, then those that we trusted would for us, let us down, but worse, let God down, as he is actually the one who suffers each time injustice is granted. We must keep our hope, that we give God the power to deal with those he bear witnessed destroying an innocent person, and allow him in his time he elects when he will deal with those that dare misuse their purpose to protect his children from legal injustice, the only one allowed to render final justice of those that practice law in a brotherhood of corruption. 

I can only give in depth knowledge of my divorce and its local corruption by three masked attorneys and judges that have allowed to let injustice, perjury and no evidence, dictate destroying an innocent fathers ability to see his children for over four years, and with the evidence to prove other, they continue to run and speak the same perjury used by her, the courts ignoring the psychological results that proved she had no business having custody of the family pets, let alone seven children.

Sadly, once she finished having a few children serve her dirty tricks in court, tired of wanting anything to do with them, had the same victim she tried using against me, and my jury of lay  people were smart enough not to allow perjury to convict an innocent person, has two of my children serving 18 year sentences in prison for supposed sexual assaults, if anyone can really believe the same victims are to be believed suffered the same effects 4 times, by 3 different family members. Sadly, attorneys, judges and Crawford County Children service employees, and police depts., believe the same victims were attacked 4 times in 2 years.

But then this supposed victim, a biological son easily steered by a deceitful mother, having been diagnosed since age 5 with multiple psychological problems, it is the legal professionals allowing this to go on each time, that are committing the true child abuse their perjury could only try to make me look like the child abuser. Not one lawyer or judge in Crawford County can show me one piece of evidence that proves their perjury truthful, and I have challenged them to show me one, just one that proves they handed an innocent person such a harsh verdict. To date, they have not been able to. 

Because they cannot, our only alternative as I am doing, is hold the lawyers accountable and file a malpractice lawsuit against them, which my case is pending at the Ohio Supreme court, as the brotherhood of lawyers painfully spans at all levels of law, but I will take all the way to the US Supreme court if I need to, as it is my belief in my fellow man so this cannot happen to anyone else, to bring awareness to this injustice and open the people`s eyes to the corruption plaguing our justice system. This is the only alternative to use. I encourage anyone who has been served injustice not to resort to violence; two wrongs do not make a right. 

I know firsthand, when injustice is served, you go through many weeks and months of turmoil trying to understand the corruption, and times bad thoughts enter your mind, but you must come to the sense that you will give the control to God to deal with the corrupt few that violate another of his people, if they have even taken five seconds from making the money they make in this profession, to realize it was God they punished, not us. Or do we scrap religion in the process of all this injustice as well?

To bring awareness of this merciless practice of law to the people, being an author, I have begun the novel and online newspaper articles dedicated to stop this injustice in the World, and I have many fathers and mothers having been served the same injustice, contributing, and while we all wait and pray for our pledge of allegiance to grant us the Justice promised us all, we all can work together to bring awareness to this cancer in the justice system, and the people can follow along and contribute by going to my agents newspaper web site,  and watch as the articles and book are produced, in great hope we can all civilly stop this insanity. If justice fails to be My Brother`s Keeper, then we will write the book and we all will become each other`s keepers if the law fails to do so for us. 

Until we can get someone to pay attention and correct the wrongs being committed against the innocent victims found trapped in deceit and perjury, we need to implore those in this travesty, not to seek violence. When we witness a break in our justice system as this, our best advice to those that haven`t had the privilege to enter into its realm, if they one day find themselves in the trap, to find the alternatives and go that route, and not allow anger and confusion to destroy your person, for if you do, then you will be of no better person then those that elect to destroy other people maliciously and merciless have done to you.

Remember your alternatives, appeal, malpractice law suit, and work to have the person(s) involved in injustice served you, license revoked in hopes it is pulled before they can slaughter another human being, as it pained me to read this article, and realize that my work has not been fast enough, as the locals have rendered another parent injustice as seen in this article.

When I first spoke of what happened with other attorneys in the same county, their response, I am not going against that attorney.I have to work with them, " is the biggest lesson to understand, if a local attorney is charging after you, do not have a local attorney representing you, get one from a few counties away that are not in the same brotherhood, for the truth might finally have to be what wins in that courtroom.

And my final warning, we all thought children services and police departments were upheld to high ethics and trusted their valor and truth, where the fact is, if they deem you guilty by a Childs word, not proof, word, they will do everything against your rights, which is a very bad signal to be sending to children, as many parents are about t be had with this mentality. 

In my case, Crawford County Children services and the Galion police department not only used the lies and ignored the evidence,  they were not happy with a jury of 8 finding me innocent of their set up, and since have tried 4 times to set me up for a crime to be put in prison, that so far I have been wise enough to remain out of their trap, and they have used children from other counties to set me up, and their fellow comrade, Judge Eckstein, violates his own intelligence and hands them bogus search warrants that they cannot even get my address correct, and keep failing by their tact, not intelligence, as it does not take intelligence to put innocent people in prison for crimes they have not committed, as we painfully have seen by many found innocent many years later.

And handing out court Temporary and Civil protection orders like they were candy at Halloween, need to be reserved for hard evidence, not words that some use because they know it causes panic, for they make too many innocent people guilty, all by the misuse of one piece of paper.

May Gods pledge, And justice for all, " be returned to his people and serve his people, the corruption has destroyed too many innocent people, many times, the children in the cross fire end up the real looser as in my case.