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Published:February 21st, 2008 16:37 EST
Calling All Chefs!

Calling All Chefs!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Are you a chef? Do you have a sincere love and passion for coming up with original recipe ideas that totally tempt, titillate and tantalize the  taste-buds of everyone who tries a bite of your captivating culinary creations? If so, then the Bacon Freak " over at has a very important message for you!

          It`s a serious call to action that began going out this month both nationally and internationally, through the Coastal Vineyards Bacon Freak " website, blog, public portals such as MySpace and FaceBook page, as well all of their newsletter and bulletin outreach options. It`s a piping hot, positive and powerful pitch for chefs and creative cooks around the globe.

`s Bacon Freak, " is officially Calling All Chefs & Culinary Connoisseurs of Creative Cuisine " from the electronic rooftops of your very own computer-- looking for the next up and coming, " popular, top chef star to be. Perhaps that rising recipe wrangling rustler is YOU!

          Are you a Chef or Cook who would like a lot more prominent and consistent on-line and off-line exposure for yourself and your recipes? Do you have a collection original, creative recipe ideas involving bacon, sausage and ham, eventually expanding out to a full spectrum of different foods, that you`re simply dying for the opportunity to proudly present to the .www (.whole waiting world) out there?

          If your passion and pride, your expertise and enjoyment is focused in the veritable "Art and Science" of designing "delectably delicious dining delights" that are based on ingredients such as gourmet bacon, sausage and ham, then Coastal Vineyards` very own "Bacon Freak" Gourmet Bacon, Sausage and Ham Club has an awesome opportunity and profitable proposition for you that we are sure you are going to simply love.`s Bacon Freak " needs one or more challenge-hungry chefs and creative cooks who seek to enter into a positive, cooperative, mutually beneficial "team" effort with "Bacon Freak," creating some "EXCLUSIVE," original bacon, ham and sausage recipes or some clearly clever new twists on some traditional, established dishes that could use a nice, spicy reinterpretation.

In return, "Bacon Freak" offers to prominently display and feature you and your recipe creations in their monthly product shipments to our members, as well as on their popular website, blog, and various other promotional outreach tools, such as a variety of niche targeted newsletters, bulletins, MySpace and FaceBook pages, You Tube and other video websites, press releases, print and radio interviews, featured articles, etc, etc, etc.

If you`re sincerely and seriously interested and feel you have what it takes to take it all the way to the top, don`t hesitate to contact the Bacon Freak " through their "Contact Page" located on their Coastal Vineyard`s website at:

They enthusiastically look forward to hearing from and hopefully working with you very, very soon! For more information, questions, suggestions and / or comments, contact Rocco Boss Hog Loosbrock at:

Copyright (c) 2008
Coastal Vineyards` "Bacon Freak" Gourmet Bacon Club
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Rocco Loosbrock is owner, proprietor and official "Boss Hog" of "Bacon Freak," Coastal Vineyards` friendly home of the very best gourmet bacon, ham and sausage found anywhere online or off. If you truly love bacon or care about someone who believes that "bacon is meat candy," then come learn more and interact with the whole gang out on the family farm at

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