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Published:February 22nd, 2008 02:48 EST
A Wonderful Gift Of Class, Sophistication, Good Taste And Good Health!

A Wonderful Gift Of Class, Sophistication, Good Taste And Good Health!

By Rocco Loosbrock

OK, so you’re looking for the “perfect gift” that will make a powerful, positive and long-lasting impression, so it can't be anything typically trendy, or popularly predictable. It needs to be something that is a sure-fire guaranteed “slam-dunk” choice that absolutely everybody loves, needs and can always use more of, but it has to stand out from the crows as being clearly original, unique, one of a kind and certainly nothing trite, silly or cliché'.

One more thing, it needs to be classy, sophisticated and sharp, but not ostentatious, arrogantly uppity or over the top. You need something truly human and from the heart, personal and down to earth, but with impeccable style and grace.

No problem, what if I were to tell you that you could easily accomplish all of that with a single, solitary gift, and still have it end up being something that is not only treasured and beloved, but is delicious and really good for you as well?

Might I suggest you strongly consider giving the gift of a premium quality, monthly wine club? Exactly, a wine of the month club is the gift that simply keeps on giving, so you are definitely going to impress the lucky recipient over and over again as each month's connoisseur selections of the very finest, top quality wines come directly to their door or place of business, month after month. Now that's impressive.

Did you know that most doctors, nutritionists, hospital groups, cardiologist and University Medical Centers are all enthusiastically proclaiming the wonderfully beneficial health impact that quality wine has on people's over-all health, sense of well being, ability to prevent and fight off disease and reduce unhealthy levels of stress, tension and anxiety?

Wine, when enjoyed within reason, has scientifically been proven to have naturally inherent substances within it's complex yet thoroughly organic chemical make up, that can lower one's blood pressure, defend ones' body against such malicious maladies as high cholesterol, arthritis, and coronary disease, including stroke and heart attack. It's even good for asthma, stomach and digestion problems, and that constant killer, every day stress, anxiety and tension. It even gives a nice, pleasant and powerful boost to one's mental acuity, as well as their personal psychological and emotional sense of well being.

What does that say about how your lucky wine club membership gift recipient will feel about you over the next several months, whether that person is a personal friend, family member or perhaps an important client, associate or prospective partner at work?

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but we know it's the one who “wines” that get the long-term attention and appreciation they so want and deserve. Cheers!

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Rocco Loosbrock is CEO and Chief Connoisseur of Coastal Vineyards Premium Wine Club, located on the beautiful "Gold Coast Of California" and now, for your convenience, right here on your very own computer. To learn more about wine and how to find those premium quality, specialty, small production wines still produced for the art and love of it, come visit