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Published:February 22nd, 2008 16:13 EST
Bacon Freak's Introduction To Pork 101

Bacon Freak's Introduction To Pork 101

By Rocco Loosbrock

One of the saddest misfortunes-- dare I say calamities-- that came to us out of the highly  intolerant, “dark ages” of the Anti-Pork movement of the 70s through the 90s still eats away at the fabric of society. Nearly 2 full generations of large segments of the civilized world, have either never known or lost track of what was once known to all as the “Pork Basics.”

          It's really not their fault and they are not to blame, for they are the merely some of the many victims of this very sad era of Pork Prejudice and pig Headed Persecution! But rather than focus on the mistakes of the past, why not forgive (though never forget!) and let bygones be bygones? In that heartfelt, healthy, healing, human endeavor or re-construction, we bring you the Bacon Freak's Introduction To Pork 101.
          Let's make sure that we are all on the same page,  by simply going over some of the most fundamental terms found in industry specific “chop-Block Shop Talk (“Pig Latin”) and explain them in plain ole' English.

          Bacon: Preferably gourmet, this is an especially delectable cut of pork from the hog's sides and belly that has been carefully cured and / or smoked to perfectly enhance it's all natural deliciousness.  It usually consists of interspersed sections of taste of flavorful fat, alternating with strands of pure, palatable, protein packed meat. It most often comes sliced, but can be acquired “whole” in what is called a "slab." 
          Canadian Bacon: A special cut of pork, coming to us from the “eye of the loin,” which is
located in the middle back of the loin. Canadian bacon is normally cut into round slices and its texture, taste and smell more closely resembles ham rather than regular bacon.
          Curing: The process of infusing meat with a one or more of a number of flavor enhancing ingredients, including various wood smokes, salt, seasonings, herbs, sugar, honey, molasses, fruit juices, etc. Some cures may include specially designed nitrites used to enhance the flavor, color and shelf life of the pork.
          Ground Pork: Fully Ground or finely chopped, usually unseasoned and almost always available fresh. For those on a stricter diet, ground pork is a meatier mix of meat with an average lean to fat ratios of 70% lean to 30% fat.
          Ham: A hefty, whole helping of hind leg heaven, usually cured and smoked.
          Pigs in Blankets: Savory sausage links, already cooked and then baked within a wrapping of pastry, or bread dough and sometimes pancakes.
          Rub: A mixture of spices and herbs used to season pork.
          Salami: A large, highly seasoned, Italian-style sausage.
          Sausage: Highly seasoned, sometimes smoked and or cured, this gourmet ground pork is usually stuffed in a casing to make “links” but is also available in patties and bulk.

          I hope that helped to alleviate that uncomfortable sense of uncertainty, that should never be a part and parcel of people's “pigging out” process! Dig in and enjoy!

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Rocco Loosbrock is owner, proprietor and official "Boss Hog" of "Bacon Freak," Coastal Vineyards' friendly home of the very best gourmet bacon, ham and sausage found anywhere online or off. If you truly love bacon or care about someone who believes that "bacon is meat candy," then come learn more and interact with the whole gang out on the family farm at