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Published:February 24th, 2008 02:46 EST
Drinking Wine for Health & Happiness!

Drinking Wine for Health & Happiness!

By Rocco Loosbrock

According to a new study recently released by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, " moderate wine drinkers are actually, on average, much healthier and happier than both heavy drinkers and surprisingly, non-drinkers, as well.

For decades now, studies have consistently shown that those who regularly drink wine in moderation are far less likely to suffer from numerous cardiovascular problems. This is due to the inherent presence of a polyphenols, " a substance that is naturally present in wine. What`s new, however, is the fact that these studies are revealing some strong and undeniable evidence that moderate wine drinking also leads to an over-all, more optimistic sense of well being, positive attitude and observably healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.

Conversely, the studies suggest that those who don`t drink any alcohol at all, surprisingly, actually have a higher chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease, as well as stress, tension, and anxiety, leading to a higher rate of morbidity and mortality than those who drink wine within reason.

The numbers speak loud and clear. 2,864 men and 1,571 women, averaging 48 years of age, were participants of a recent University of North Carolina Alumni Heart Study. This was a long-term investigation of cardiovascular risk, with a special emphasis on psycho-social variables. The study subjects had a wide variety of alcoholic beverage preference (beer, wine, spirits/hard liquor and abstainers) and were 99% affluent, highly educated, and all from the same geographic region.

The overall rankings in health, happiness and general success in both business and life clearly came in-- in favor of those case study participants who preferred moderate wine drinking, above all other groups.

Women, on average, reported healthier regular dietary habits than most of the men in the study, regardless of their alcoholic beverage choices and amount of consumption. Men and women who preferred moderately drinking wine, exhibited far less signs of problematic dietary saturated fats and cholesterol. They also smoked less, and exercised more than those who preferred beer, spirits, or chose to NOT drink any alcohol at all.

Most important, their psychological profiles showed them to be much happier, calmer, comfortable, confident and clear-headed in how they went about their daily schedules and their achievement levels were also clearly elevated compared to the other groups tested.

Congratulations to all you moderate wine drinkers out there for a life well lived! Cheers!

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