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Published:February 26th, 2008 14:39 EST
Some Helpfully Valuable Wine Tasting Tips

Some Helpfully Valuable Wine Tasting Tips

By Rocco Loosbrock

Some truly important things to keep in mind when participating in the Wine Tasting " experience!

First off, always be sure to keep your goal clearly in mind. Priority #1 should be to taste and discover those wines that you really, truly enjoy. Don`t allow the expensive aesthetics, overtly ornate facade, sensual sophistication and high-falutin cultural hype built into the environment to successfully suck you in and alter your focus.

Learn to tune out all external distractions and diversions and center your consciousness on what`s going on inside your very own face! What matters is what brings pleasure and enjoyment to your personally unique and individual sense of taste. Everything beyond that is merely deceptively dogmatic delusion that should be ignored and kept at a distance. If it tastes good to you, it`s good wine, if it doesn`t, then no matter how prestigious, expensive or highly rated it might be, it`s not for you-- don`t waste your time and money!

The trick is to be totally open-minded, with no preconceived conditions or expectations. Just be wholly willing to wander and work your way through the wonderful world of wine, and I promise you that you will come out the other end with a much clearer awareness and definitive determination of precisely which wines you, as a unique individual, truly love and would whole-heartedly enjoy drinking and serving to your guests.

Likewise, with time and experimentation, you will eventually draw some fairly clear conclusions as to which wines your taste-buds personally don`t very much care for. In other words, it`s ONLY about the wine and YOU... nothing else matters. This is part of what makes wine tasting such a wonderfully passionate and personally pleasurable process!

Always taste each individual wine with a clean, clear wine glass. Wine tasting is all about completely cleaning and clearing the mind, palate, taste buds, septum and mouth in advance of experiencing the deep complexity, intricate and softly perceptible subtleties and essences of each wine. What unique pleasure do you experience as each wine aromatically allures your senses and seductively dances over your tongue?

Use a Proper Wine Tasting Glass. Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference, you`ll see! A proper wine tasting glass should have a lip that bends slightly inward in order to help funnel the wines aromas directly to the nose. This inward bend also allows you to gently swirl the wine without spilling.

Be sure to always start with the lighter, finer wines and move progressively toward the darker, deeper, richer wines... finishing up with the sweeter treats. This is to maintain your sensual acuity and ability to effectively perceive tiny subtleties that will get clouded out and lost otherwise. If you will be tasting more than just one or two samples in a single sitting, be sure to begin with the whites, move through to the reds, and then conclude with the sweeter sherries and dessert wines.

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