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Published:February 28th, 2008 12:49 EST
Revealing The Secret Life of Breakfast:

Revealing The Secret Life of Breakfast:

By Rocco Loosbrock

Here`s some truly great news for all of us who truly love premium quality, gourmet bacon. So many of our members and visitors have long enjoyed reading, learning and discussing the many insider scoops " we have proudly presented to you regarding the real facts and occasional mysteries wrapped up around what true and not true in the world of gourmet bacon. Now, those of us who are totally committed to seeking out the plain facts about bacon and the flavorful enjoyment and health benefits of regularly treating ourselves to a delightfully delicious, well balanced breakfast to get start our hectically busy daily schedule, can actually see from the comfort and convenience of our own living room, exactly what goes into making some of the most scrumptious, savory sizzlers " on the planet.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Monday, March 3rd and Tuesday, March 4th. That`s when our beloved Food Network " (check your local listings for the channel in your particular area) will be prominently featuring our very good friends, Charlie and Lori Gatton, over at Father`s Country Hams, Inc. of Bremen Kentucky.

It`s all for an exciting, nationally broadcast television special entitled The Secret Life of Breakfast. " This is going to be a thorough, clear cut , birds eye view " of everything that goes into making Fathers Gourmet Bacon, " from showing the farm itself, on which Charlie and Lori raise their palatable, prize pigs, right on through the entire process of curing, smoking, producing and packaging the bacon.

Then, as if that`s not enough, the cameras and crew are then actually invited right into the Gatton`s very own home kitchen, where twenty pounds of prime quality bacon is masterfully cooked up right in front of our eyes to the delight of everyone in the room. Mmmmm, I can already taste it, can`t you.

George Duran, renowned chef and entertaining, who is loved almost as much for his amazing wit and sense of humor as he is for his extensive knowledge of the food industry, is hosting the show. George is well as a known for his work on such popular, food oriented television shows as Ham On The Street " and The Secret Life Of ... " on the Food Network. "

This is going to be a totally cool, open insider " insight into what really goes on behind the scenes within the balanced art and science " of one of our all-tome favorite bacon providers here on Planet Earth, Father`s Country Hams, Inc. I for one simply can`t wait. Be sure to set your VCR`s and Tivos.

That`s Monday, March 3rd at 7:30 pm Central Time and Tuesday, March 4th. 2:30 am Central Time. I`ll be right there on the sofa with you, drinking a cold beverage alongside of some buttered popcorn and a pound of freshly grilled gourmet bacon. Life doesn`t get any better than this!

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