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Published:March 3rd, 2008 11:26 EST

What the Stores Don't Want You to Know about Premium Pork Products!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Tired of trying to reconcile your natural love for the seductive simmer and savory sizzle of gourmet bacon, ham or sausage? Then have we got “GREAT NEWS” for you! Upon further review, several prominent doctors, clinicians, nutritionists, medical groups and government agencies are coming out with wonderful findings that clearly show premium quality, gourmet pork is not just “NOT BAD” for you, but actually a healthy source of much needed protein.

Now, pork truly is “the other white meat”, and many posh & popular restaurants and exclusive, elegant eateries of the rich and famous are proudly featuring a plethora of delectably delicious pork dishes. With top quality gourmet bacon, ham and sausage once again riding that crest of popularity and prominence, industry “battle lines” are being fortified, contested and fought over with precision, power and passion!


You see, the biggest, most obvious chasm existing now in these recent reports from such University Medical Center research shows some huge, gaping differences in quality. On one side are those proud & particular, private party providers of premium pork products – such as the small, special production (mostly family run and owned) artisan suppliers of gourmet quality bacon, sausage and ham. On the other side, there are those large, looming, low-grade, mass produced & processed corporate suppliers who provide lesser quality pork to the maze-like “Mega Marts” and big chain supermarkets, desperately pinching every penny to compete with their corporate competitors.

So why are these gourmet pork products so much healthier than stuff found at the “Shave & Save Super Shops” and “Bargain Bin Butcher's Basement”? It all comes down to a matter of quality. Gourmet meats have a lot less fat, & absolutely “NONE” of the highly noted and dangerously disgusting artificial additives that chain stores serve up. Stuff like bactericides, antibiotics, "starch-stretchers," disinfectants, supplemental salts, germicides, modifiers, sterilizers, & potentially toxic preservatives used to keep meat cheap and not “noticeably” rotting, or smelling “that bad” until after the official expiration date passed.

Premium gourmet pork products, such as those provided by the gourmet meat clubs and specialty shops, easily stand up to the rigors of heat and fire without loosing any of it's supple tenderness, savory flavorful juices, impressive coloring, size or shape. This allows you the freedom to thoroughly cook your gourmet bacon, sausage or ham to taste, knowing full well that it won't dry out, burn away, shrivel up or simply shrink into oblivion!

Plus, by the time the meat is cooked & served, you actually end up with “more” delicious, succulent pork on your breakfast table than you would if you tried to save a few cents by buying the cheaper cuts from the local supermarket. So feel free to once again pig-out on premium pork. “That's All Folks!”