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Published:March 5th, 2008 20:40 EST
The Allure of Lauer's Bacon Unwrapped!

The Allure of Lauer's Bacon Unwrapped!

By Rocco Loosbrock

When one is indignantly viewed by the outside world as being a bit on the fanatical side of a very strong, consistent and passionate dedication to a particular topic, item or event, people will often refer to this individual as being somewhere between slightly eccentric " and being a complete FREAK! "

What most of so called normal " society doesn`t really seem to grasp, however, is the fact that when you`re truly enamored, dare I say even enraptured by something so significant to your soul, you honestly don`t give a rat`s arm-pit what the rest of mass mediocrity thinks about you. This is why people like us can so comfortably and confidently wear the badge of Bacon Freak " with deep pride and honor.

Naturally, one tends to seek out others who have the same unique disposition or Jones! " It`s that need to connect, share and have fellowship with others equally & ecstatically enthusiastic about one`s personal prize of preference and passion. That`s precisely how we here at Bacon Freak " feel about Heather Lauer " the brains, heart and soul behind

Heather is as fun and delightful as she is impressive and insightful in her easy going, down to earth manner of addressing All Things Bacon. " Now before you begin to accuse us of fawning over Heather like smitten schoolboys first discovering the mystery and magic of the opposite s*x, you need to spend as much time as we do reading about bacon, both online and off. If you do, your quickly realize what a rare event it is to encounter a sustainable balance of clever and witty intelligence match with the comfort and competence to effectively express these thought so very simply and sincerely.

Bacon Unwrapped " is one of the very few, truly outstanding sources of relevant news, reviews, commentary, videos, recipes and open communication about bacon. It`s not just the high quality of work that she does; believe me, keeping up with such an all encompassing enterprise is a lot of hard work. What`s truly impressive and awe-inspiring is the consistency that she brings to the table.

It`s Heather`s sincerity, so openly displayed in her collection of comments, assessments and observations, which make this blog shine above the rest. When Heather says something, I take it at face value. It`s that all important human touch, " personal charm and approachability that creates the sense of talking with a long-time, trusted friend.

Clever, witty and written with a definitely smile, if not the occasional giggle, much that is discussed on Bacon Unwrapped " is light-hearted, funny and entertaining " but never overtly corny, trivial, or down-right meaningless. Life`s too precious to set oneself up for that horrible, sick and guilty feeling of wasting 5 or 10 irretrievable minutes nothing of value to show for the investment. That won`t happen here, guaranteed!

On the Official Bacon Freak " scale of wiggly-piggly " tails, 1 being Pure Pig Poop " and 10 being High Hog Heaven, " we proudly award Bacon Unwrapped " a rare and much deserved 10!