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Published:April 25th, 2008 07:24 EST

Judyth Piazza Gets Hungry with Mr. Food, Art Ginsburg

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Art Ginsburg, commonly known as Mr. Food, is a television and radio chef who emphasizes simple to moderately complex recipes.

With a notably enthusiastic style, Mr. Food specializes in practical food preparation techniques often using readily available ingredients such as canned goods or frozen foods. He extols a "its easy, you can do it" philosophy of cooking.

Art Ginsburg was originally a butcher who, in 1975, turned his personal flair for acting into a local television food program.

Since then he`s proven a prolific writer with over thirty cookbooks to his name and has been syndicated on television, with 8 to 10 million viewers daily, with radio syndication as well.[1]

His television spots are typically around a minute or so long and usually are featured on a daily local TV newscast. Mr. Food`s radio segment is generally 10 minutes long, and syndicated on radio stations of all formats.

Mr. Food`s signature phrase is; "Oooh, it`s so good!".

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