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Published:April 25th, 2008 07:47 EST
National BLT Month in Coming to an End...Don't Miss Out!

National BLT Month in Coming to an End...Don't Miss Out!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Wow, April ... what a crazy month it always proves to be! I suppose a part of the sense of insanity for the month of April is due to ... “BOOM,” starting the month off from day one  with the annual “sado-celebration” of Tricks with NO Treats, the traditional twenty four hours of absolute confusion, hoaxes and paranoia called April Fools Day.  

Most years that is quickly followed by the furious frenzy of March Madness’ final four in college hoops and Easter, the 2nd biggest religious holiday of the year. Then if you were lucky enough to get some sense of spirit appeasing inspirational influx from that experience, Uncle Sam is more than happy to drive those good vibes away with the annual April 15th insane rush to income tax filing.

So it only makes sense that someone out there, hoping to make a positive difference in the lives of people rushed through the psychological ringer of the first 15 days of April, granted us all the emotional reprieve known to us as  “National BLT Month!”

For those few out there still not fully  initiated into western culture, “BLT” stands for “bacon, lettuce and tomato, and this is the secret combination to a soul saving sandwich that feeds the inner spirit of humanity as well as the biological and gastronomical needs of a world so very hungry, yet so very worn out and tired!

National BLT Month is a very valuable and important blessing, because it understands the fact that while pretty much everyone loves to enjoy a mouth-watering meal made with premium quality gourmet bacon, not everyone has the time, presence or energy after getting through the craziness of the first half of the month, to dedicate the time to elaborate, multi-course menu management.

That's where the pure, unadulterated, perfectly balanced simplicity of the BLT shines bright through the dark clouds of confusion to bring hope and undeniable enjoyment to all us, with the  simple beauty and absolute harmony of the best tasting, meaty protein combined with the two main ingredients of a healthy green salad, placed lovingly between two pieces of bread for those of us on the go or needing a quick, five minute meal miracle to get us through another wild and wacky day.

If you find yourself with an extra 3 minutes, go “Hog Wild” and add in a slice or three of  cheddar, Swiss and / or jack cheese, some mashed avocado and a slice or two of onion. Some people even go so far as to add some spinach, vinaigrette dressing some artichoke hearts, but that's not recommended if you are eating this baby in the car on the way to an important business “meating” or date.

Some cold hearted folks with nothing better to do than rain on the happiness of others are actually out, actively trying to besmirch the saving grace of National BLT Month, claiming that the official designation has not yet been ceremoniously proclaimed by the government, so it doesn't count. All we know is that our members and customers quite enthusiastically embrace this month long holiday, as does our very good friend and “baconfidant” over at, The “Bodacious Bacon Babe” herself, Ms. Heather Lauer. That's good enough for us!

So as far as were concerned, if you want to wait around for the government to officially tell you it's OK for you to have a delectably delicious BLT sandwich, then we respect that and say go where your conscience and heart lead you. As for the of us, we're doubling up on the bacon that you're missing out on while waiting for the proclamation, but don't worry, a BLT actually tastes just as good in May, June, July or any other month for that matter.

Hey, like they always say, “everyone needs to Pig Out at least a few times a week!” Enjoy!