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Published:May 1st, 2008 11:49 EST
Top 1% USDA Prime Steak The 'Holy Grail' Of Truly Fine Dining at Coastal Vineyards!

Top 1% USDA Prime Steak The 'Holy Grail' Of Truly Fine Dining at Coastal Vineyards!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Have you ever stopped to wonder how all of those online and television/radio/magazine advertised Steak of the Month Clubs " manage to survive if they really, truly, actually are shipping you top quality " steaks at such ridiculously low prices?

I know we here at Coastal Vineyards Gourmet Prime Steak Club " were certainly wondering about it. You see, we`ve always been able to rely on our close, long-term, trusted relationships with the veritable cream of the crop " suppliers of the world`s finest, premium-quality, top-shelf gourmet foods, to give us special courtesy discounts that allow us to offer the very freshest and finest to our members and customers and pass the savings onto them.

But when it came to doing the necessary leg-work to ensure that we can effectively provide our loyal members and customers with the very best, Top 1% USDA rated Prime Steaks, we came upon some amazingly significant truths and important fact that we quickly realized those other monthly steak clubs, local butcher shops and grocery stores don`t want you to know about. 

Did you know that, according to USDA ratings and industry standards, when someone offers to sell you Choice Steak, " all it actually means is that that piece of meat is USDA rated to rank somewhere in the top 40% of ALL steaks. That means nearly HALF " of ALL the steaks found in the entire world are considered of equal or higher quality than the piece of meat that they are trying to sell you.

Worse yet, did you know that when they offer to sell you Select Steak " the quality of the meat you are receiving is even LOWER than Choice, " merely ranking in the top 60 percentile of steaks available in the marketplace. This means you actually have a better chance of getting an acceptable quality steak by blind-folding yourself and randomly grabbing any package, without any thought about or consideration of the matter at all. In other words, when you buy Select Steak, " you have as much of a chance of getting a quality piece of meat as you would by simply shutting your eyes and then flipping a coin! "  

So that`s how those other guys manage to ship all of those steaks and still make enough profit to stay in business, packaging lower quality meat into nice boxes with impressive looking  labels. Not cool, not cool at all, if you ask us! Don`t you deserve better? We certainly think so!

At Coastal Vineyards Gourmet Prime" Steak Club, we offer ONLY the very best, Top 1% " of All " USDA Rated Steaks, our strict, meticulously uncompromising standards are the highest in the business, which means at Coastal Vineyards, you get nothing but the best, Top 1% PRIME STEAKS, " which means absolute optimum quality, ultimate taste, as well as superior tenderness, palatability, marbling, maturity, color, refrigeration temperatures, portion size and consistency.

We believe that you deserve nothing less than the most delectably delightful and delicious dining experience available on Planet Earth. These are the very same steaks served by renowned Master Chefs to the rich and famous, A-List celebrities and leaders of industry in the world-class, posh and expensive fine dining establishment around the globe. The only difference is that our long-lasting and loyal connections get us these exceptionally superior steaks at a mere fraction of the cost you would normally expect to pay.

Don`t you deserve a taste of the Good Life? Whether it`s for your own dining pleasure, to share with friends and family or intended as a much appreciated, memory-making gift, come experience a little taste of Heaven! You`ll most definitely be glad that you did.