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Published:May 28th, 2008 07:45 EST
Celebrities and Politicians Take A Strong Stand On Bacon!

Celebrities and Politicians Take A Strong Stand On Bacon!

By Rocco Loosbrock

What do Jim Gaffigan, Drew Carey, Gordon Ramsey, Jon Stewart, Metallica and Hilary Clinton all have in common? Besides all having at least one A " in their names, the answer is, these famously well established movers and shakers " of our society all share a profound and  proud professed passion for pork`s prestigious and preeminent, popular, public prize, premium quality, gourmet bacon.

Actor / comedian Jim Gaffigan clearly lead the procession of pork pundits by the mere factor of the impressive volume, intensity and consistency by which he continually sings out the praises of what he refers to as his greasy lover! " If you haven`t yet seen Gaffigan go through one of his many Odes To Bacon " then be sure to check him out live and in concert, as his comedy tour is coming soon to a revue near you and it`s a sure fire guarantee that even the most stone hearted, angry skeptic will quickly, easily and often Laugh again with Gaffigian! "

Comedian / Game Show Host Drew Carey loves both Bacon and Freedom, which in our mind is a pretty awesome combination. He heard about the whole banned, illegal Bacon-Dog " law and controversy taking place on the man streets of L.A. and actually cared enough to assemble a camera crew to go out and film a documentary about the whole ordeal, which turned out brilliantly and is effectively turning a lot of heads and changing a few minds in good Ole` So Cal.

Hell`s Kitchen Master Chef Gordon Ramsey, who can at times seem to some to be just a little bit mean spirited and gruff at times has been going out of his way to speak out publicly in a gallant and heroic attempt to bring to the fore of public awareness, the serious plight, economic hardships and struggle for survival that is taking place in the lives of those small, family owned, special production providers of premium pork products, particularly in the UK. 

Comedian / Political Analyst and Pseudo-Newsy, " Jon Stewart admitted that though he is Jewish, he is one of increasing number of Jews For Bacon " who absolutely loves eating the oh so delectably delicious and seductively savory, slightly salty, sizzling succulence, but confesses, in partial adherence to the traditions of his faith, only does so through a hole cut in his bed sheet.

The world famous rock band Metallica loves bacon so much, that it is actually a part of the contract agreement signed when the band is booked for a concert. It is a extremely strict and stringently enforced provision of the agreement, that Bacon Must be Available Back Stage At All Times, Day or Night " or the band will consider their contract to perform null and void! That seem quite reasonable to me!

Lastly, Hilary Clinton, while visiting on air with television talk show host extraordinaire, mentioned that reason #9 of her Top 10 reasons She LOVES America is American Bacon, which is both crispy and delicious, not soggy and chewy like the famous bacon found north of the border, originating from a friendly country who will remain nameless to protect the innocent! LOL.

And that`s just covering the most recent and popular celebrity-bacon " stories that are currently sweeping the nation right now. We`ll certainly be sure to keep you informed as more new and exiting stories come our way, and always feel free to stop on by our  website or blog and drop us a line if you have a question, suggestion or a story of your own that you would like to share with your fellow Baconistas. "         Well leave the grill on for ya!

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