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Published:June 12th, 2008 19:45 EST
Totally Delicious & Healthy: Bacon Freaks' Nitrate Free Gourmet Bacon!

Totally Delicious & Healthy: Bacon Freaks' Nitrate Free Gourmet Bacon!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Some people absolutely refuse to eat bacon made with nitrates because of their dedication and commitment to totally healthy life choices.  I think these people deserve our deepest respect and admiration for taking the much tougher high road " and willingly missing out on so much of the ever exciting, eclectic experience of epicurean explosions, the pure, supreme and flavorful joy that traditional bacon brings to the taste-buds.


Others simply say Hey, I only eat bacon a few times a week, so when I do so, I want to be sure that I thoroughly enjoy each and every delectably delicious bite with all it`s spectacular, soul soothing, seductive sizzle, savory succulence and sensual splendor I can get out of the every last bite, so a little bit of nitrates now and then isn`t going to hurt. " To these people, we say, we whole heartedly understand and agree with you completely!


But what if we weren`t forced to have to choose between the two drastic polar extremes of (A) healthier NO NITRATE " bacon that is clearly believed by many to be better for your health in the long run and (B) The tastiest, most satisfying, traditionally flavored, premium quality, country style bacon that we have all grown up loving and cherishing to the point of so many of us becoming official Bacon Freaks? "


The truth is, now you don`t have to choose. Face it; if experience teaches us anything, it`s that the process of finding true happiness, success and satisfaction in life is all about learning how to effectively and consistently achieve a harmonious sense of balance between such dramatically opposed polar extremities.


So we here at decided to search the 7 corners of the bacon universe in order to find out if there was a natural, nitrate free bacon that still tasted like id was delivered by winged piglets descending directly from Hog Heaven " and guess what? We did! This bacon is so amazingly delicious and it even has that very same, traditionally wonderful, alluring aroma that wakes up all of your senses to tell you that something purely pork-tastic " is a bout to occur in your mouth.


Hey, we know that you`re not stupid and neither are we. We are well more than merely aware that all NO NITRATE " bacon is not the same, which is exactly why we absolutely refused to carry any of the stuff until we successfully discovered a way to make it taste decidedly delicious enough to earn the right to wear the Bacon Freak " logo.


It is so rewarding and truly satisfying to finally be in the position to end this long search for great tasting, exceptionally enjoyable nitrate free bacon " in a celebration that will naturally to help make the lives of our sincerely appreciated and great valued members customers all that more enjoyable and healthy at the very same time.


Of course, knowing from the truths of personal experience that the only way you`ll ever know for sure if this stuff really is as good as we say it is; is simply for you to come try it out for yourself. Therefore, in order to now help make that inevitability as simple as humanly possible for you to achieve, we`ve gone ahead and designed some special Sampler Pack " that makes it really easy and inexpensive for you to come give this awesome No Nitrate " bacon a try for yourself.


          It can now be found, proudly displayed at:


We are happy to announce that so far, the responses that we have been getting back on this bacon have been extremely positive and grateful, so for us this truly is a time to celebrate with a collective smile of satisfaction! Please be sure let us know what you think. We are confident that you are going to be pretty darned surprised and amazed. I know we were.


Pigging out for posterity,


Rocco Boss Hog " Loosbrock



Copyright (c) 2008


Coastal Vineyards` "Bacon Freak" Gourmet Bacon Club

All Rights Reserved Worldwide.



Rocco Loosbrock is owner, proprietor and official "Boss Hog" of "Bacon Freak," Coastal Vineyards` friendly home of the very best gourmet bacon, ham and sausage found anywhere online or off. If you truly love bacon or care about someone who believes that "bacon is meat candy," then come learn more and