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Published:June 24th, 2008 12:55 EST
Broadbent Bacon answers the Tomato Scare

Broadbent Bacon answers the Tomato Scare

By Rocco Loosbrock

I have been featuring the wonderful bacon of Broadbent Hams over the past two years.  They have come top of mind with the recent tomato scare.  After all, as an official bacon freak I need my daily BLT for lunch.  Well, with no tomatos how am I supposed to make a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich?  Ah, at last the solution hit me: The wonderful bacon from Broadbent Hams, Sun Dried Tomato. This bacon has a uniquely sweet tomato flavor and is a must for the low carb dieter.


Broadbent Hams has been in business since the mid 1960s.  Since 1999 they have won the Kentucky State Fair more than 5 times, including the Fancy Food Show of New York twice.   Rodney Drennan states, "[We] try to make the best bacon we can."  I guess he doesn`t like to brag.  They also hold the current record for the largest raffleled/auctioned Grand Champion Ham at $500,000.00 dollars.  Explained Drennan, "That ham sold for $29,000.00 a pound. "


What a great donation to charity!


I also really enjoy Broadbent Hams` heir nitrate-free bacon which is cured with only salt and sugar.  If you want an organic bacon, this is one to try!  I asked Ronny why his bacon is so darn good and he told me that he wants to make the best bacon he can by doing things the old fashioned way.  Everything thing they do is done by hand and each package is packed by hand.  


visit to listen to the audio interview.