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Published:August 25th, 2008 17:27 EST
This Months Bacon is Meat Candy T-shirt Contest Winners!

This Months Bacon is Meat Candy T-shirt Contest Winners!

By Rocco Loosbrock

As a unique food and gift business we are always looking for ways to involve our loyal fans and customers to get involved with our bacon of the month club.  We do this by allowing you to submit pictures and videos of yourself wearing our t-shirts according to the rules of our t-shirt contest.  On occasion we get pictures and videos that are absolutely incredible.  Oh, by the way the winning pictures and videos that are selected each month get several pounds of free bacon and any of our Bacon Is Meat Candy Bacon clothing they want.


These first set of pictures show to what end a true bacon fan is willing to go.  These pictures were taken in Kuwait where it is against the law to consume pork and NOBODY is allowed to eat bacon!  This loyal bacon customer proudly wore the bacon is meat candy t-shirt in front of Kuwait Central Market, a Mosque, and the famous Kuwaiti Towers. He told me that he had to get the picture fast before he was arrested for desecrating the mosque.

The following video is very entertaining and was worthy of a blue ribbon!  Watch the video and see how you can get your kids to behave simply by feeding them Bacon Freak bacon!

Bacon Freak Kids

For more details on how you can win a prize and enter our T-shirt contest click here.