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Published:October 16th, 2008 22:44 EST
Bacon & Wine: Every Party's   Must Have

Bacon & Wine: Every Party's Must Have

By Rocco Loosbrock


OK, ... so you`re at a nice dinner party and your mingling around, slapping skin and telling stories about what it`s really like out there in the Pig Pen " and all of a sudden you get a strong hankering for something to eat, well, BACON, right?

Luckily your host is courteous, caring and conscientious person and one serious class act " and so you have your regular buffet of 5 or 6 different styles of bacon laid out all nicely for you, and you proceed to make a plate for yourself and pig out!

But wait, the temperature in the room was a little to high to begin with and now with this bountiful bevy of savory and seductive, simmerin` sizzle on your plate, you realize that you need something to drink.

Well, you`re at a nice party so you`re gunna drink WINE ...Right?

But wait; how can any mortal possibly carry a plate stacked nearly to the ceiling with bacon, eat and still hold a glass of wine for the occasional sip of luxurious liquid libation?

Ahhhhaaaaa, luckily I reach into my purple and pig pink plaid pants pocket and pull out my ...... yep, here it is, my 6 pack of Clip On Wine Holders! " "Tuhhhhh Duhhhhh!"

Only $20 for a pack of 6, just clip them onto your plate, slip the stem of your wine glass between the prongs and you don`t even have to stop your ceaseless convivial, carnivorous consumption to pick up and put down your wine glass.

Pappa Pig " would squeal with pride, as you not only look sophisticated in that elegant purple and pink designer outfit, but book learnin` smart too, as you continuously shovel palate pleasing portions of pork in your pie-hole without missing a beat to guzzle a little vino in between gulps.

Now that, my friend, is living!

Signing Off and Pigging Out,

Rocco Boss Hog " Loosbrock

Rocco owns and runs a Bacon of the Month Club called The Bacon Freak - "Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon Club" at  as well as a Wine Club called the Coastal Vineyard Wine Club located online at