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Published:February 11th, 2009 20:00 EST
To know the Gourmet Girl is to Love the Gourmet Girl

To know the Gourmet Girl is to Love the Gourmet Girl

By Rocco Loosbrock

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Elaine Giammetta, co-founder of Gourmet Girl Magazine.

Their goal at Gourmet Girl is to learn, experience and share with their readers, all that is "Good Food, Good Wine & Good Living."

bon apetite

Elaine didn`t start her career in food, she spent 15 years as an educator and even worked for the governor`s office. Once her children were grown she headed to NJ to pursue her love of fine dining, art and culture in the restaurants, museums and galleries just across the bridge in culturally rich New York City.

In March of 2008, Elaine and her partner, Louis, launched Gourmet Girl Magazine, a chronicle of their ongoing culinary journey. Elaine is an accomplished cook who attributes her love of good food to her Aruban mother. "My mother was a fantastic cook," states Elaine, "while other kids were coming home to pot pies and frozen pizza, my mom was whipping up Pastiches and Carribean Patties and taking me to places like Trader Vics and
The Rainbow Room." Louis, now a gourmet cook in his own right, says, "Growing up spending time with my mother and grandmother in the kitchen,which is the heart and soul of most Italian families, really infused in me a love of cooking." He attributes his love and knowledge of `the art of fine
dining` to Elaine, stating, "She truly is `The Gourmet Girl,` and I`m quite content to be the Gourmet Girl`s guy. She has taken me on a culinary whirlwind tour that continues to be amazing."

Lou and Elaine reside and publish Gourmet Gril Magazine from the tropical paradise that is Southwest Florida.
Elaine spent the time to make a great recipe for using Smokey`s Savory Select Hickory Smoked Bacon - Thanks Elaine!

Smoked Gouda, Champagne Truffle Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Wild Mushrooms
8-10 oz. baby shells - size 52
1/4 lb Smokey`s Savor Select - Hickory Smoked Bacon

1/4 tsp grapeseed oil
1/4 of a large Spanish onion diced
1/2 oz. wild mushrooms reconstituted
3/4 lb smoked gouda
1/2 bottle brut champagne
1/4 cup light, fat free chicken stock
3/4 cup whole milk
1 T white truffle oil

1. Prepare pasta as directed, drain completely and set aside.

2. In a large saute pan, render down pancetta, remove and set aside
(reserving 2 T for garnish). In same pan, add grapeseed oil and onions and
sweat until translucent. Add mushrooms. As soon as mushrooms release liquid
add bacon back into the pan. Cook until crisp. (Do not over cook) Set aside.

3. In 3 qt saucepan on low-medium heat, add champagne and cheese, whisking
until smooth. Add milk and chicken stock. Continue whisking until creamy.
Add bacon mixture and truffle oil. Blend throughly.

4. Add well drained pasta to a large mixing bowl. Stir cheese sauce into
bowl making sure to completely cover pasta.

For individual servings, use a soup bowl and ladle pasta into center of
bowl. Garnish with crumbled bacon and fresh parsley. For family style, use a
large pasta serving dish, garnish and serve.  Enjoy!