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Published:March 4th, 2009 14:30 EST
It`s Always Bacon Time!

It`s Always Bacon Time!

By Rocco Loosbrock

"Hey everybody, what time is it?"

 No, no, no ... it`s NOT "Howdy Doody" time, actually I`m not even old enough to know what that is exactly, but that`s definitely NOT the answer I was looking for.

Perhaps if I rephrase the question a bit you`ll figure out where I`m going with this.

"Hey Bacon Freaks, what time is it?

That`s right, according to my watch, which is precisely set the to the Atomic Clock running in the wood shack out back behind the Bacon Freak Barn, "it`s Bacon Time!"

Yes my friends, it`s Bacon Time, a time to break out in jubilant celebration and share the joy with friends, loved ones, neighbors and strangers alike, because according to my watch, it ALWAYS Bacon Time!

And now it can always be Bacon Time on your watch as well.

Introducing the "Bacon Watch, where the face of the watch is actually the smiling face of our favorite salty and sweet meat treat, bacon. Of course it`s fashionably held round your wrist by a sturdy strap that just happens to look an awful lot like ... well, you guessed it, BACON!

Now the sensuously sizzlin` and seductively savory sensation of bacon has officially moved right of our plate and into the world of high fashion. Now, yesterday`s most diligent "Fashionistas" are today`s most dedicated "Baconistas" of swine style and good taste.

Too bad the name "Swatch" was already grabbed up decades ago, but that`s no matter, as nothing is going to get in the way of the rising tide of "Pig-Mania!"

 This is no cheap plastic piece of junk, this is a real quality time piece, with a 1 1/8th inch diameter round face, built with a metal casing, a strap of simulated strip of bacon, made of vinyl, and yes, the batteries actually come included. 

That`s right my friend, "its Always Time For Bacon!" Now you can make sure that you`re never late for bacon Time, and it`s only a mere $25.00 over at our good friend "Archie McPhee" who proudly and loudly claims he has been "Eating Brains And Taking Names For Twenty Five Years!

If you or someone you know truly LOVES bacon, they will be in absolute Hog Heaven when they open up a gift box and find this beauty already running and raring to go.

Enjoy Bacon Freaks!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock

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Rocco owns and runs a Bacon of the Month Club called The Bacon Freak Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon Club as well as a Wine Club called the Coastal Vineyard Wine Club