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Published:March 6th, 2009 11:14 EST
California Contributes 90% of The Annual U.S. Billion Dollar Wine Exports

California Contributes 90% of The Annual U.S. Billion Dollar Wine Exports

By Rocco Loosbrock

According to yesterday`s editions of the "Central Valley Business Times" and "Business Week," our very favorite wines, the delectably delicious, premium quality, California "Vinos" actually to credit for 90% of the "Billion Dollar" U.S. Wine Exports.

 This figure is a full 6% increase over last years numbers and is enthusiastically celebrated by most serious wine connoisseurs and practically "all" American wine aficionados for being the very first time The United states has ever exported 1 Billion Dollars worth of it`s wine!

 According to the figure just released by "The Wine Institute," U.S. wine exports were up a full 6 percent by value in 2008, passing the $1 billion dollar mark for the first time. This major accomplishment included a simultaneous 8 percent increase by volume, to nearly 130 million gallons or 55 million cases.

Institute president Robert P. Koch said that he was impressed by the fact that U.S, wineries, particularly the team leading heroes, the California vintners have been able to adjust and remain competitive despite changes in U.S. dollar exchange rates and during both strong and weak economic conditions.

 "Wine exports have increased steadily during the past 15 years, increasing more than five-fold from $196 million in 1994. Nearly half of U.S. wine exports are shipped to the European Union, accounting for $486 million.
 Volume shipments to the European Union increased 9 percent in 2008 compared to 2007, and sales by value grew at a slightly lower rate of 2 percent due to the continuing strategy of producers exporting bulk wine for bottling overseas to save the costs of shipping bottles and other packaging. The finished wines are then shipped to their final destinations in neighboring countries.

The next leading markets were: Canada, $260 million; Japan, $61 million; Hong Kong, $26 million; and Mexico, $23 million. Growth in other markets include: China, up 34 percent to $22 million; Austria up 31 percent to $14 million; and Singapore, up 26 percent to $11 million.

"Wine is California`s second leading export product by value, and there is great opportunity to build upon this progress as the U.S. is the world`s fourth leading wine producer, yet holds a 6 percent share of the world export market," says Linsey Gallagher, Wine Institute international marketing director.

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Rocco Loosbrock


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