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Published:March 10th, 2009 14:57 EST
So What`s Kevin Bacon Celebrating Lately?

So What`s Kevin Bacon Celebrating Lately?

By Rocco Loosbrock

I say we whole heartedly raise a Bacon Martini insincere and respectful honor of Actor / Director / Former Teen Idol and 1980`s Girly Heart-Throb, Kevin Bacon.

It`s the official 25th Anniversary of the original release of the popular film "Footloose" which suddenly and quite successfully put Mr. Bacon directly into the consciousness and hearts of literally millions across the globe.

While much of the world was stifled in fear, waiting to witness what geo-political, world government oriented "Orwellian" horror would strike out vulnerable planet in the year 1984, Writer Dean Pitchford, Producer Daniel Melnick and Director Herbert Ross had a completely opposite take on where the consciousness of the planet would turn its attention.

The film about teen aged, rock n roll rebellion deep within the heartland of the "Bible Belt" where dancing was perceived as an obvious sing of low moral standing and being in cahoots with the Devil himself. The film grossed over $80 Million Dollars at the box office in the U.S. alone, not counting world wide distribution and eventual video sales.

The film has become a cult classic over the years and so has Kevin bacon himself. I mean how many actors can you think of that actually have a popular and long-lasting party parlor game named after him or her. Yet "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon" is still being played, even to this day and probably will for another 25 years!

Now I must confess, as a young stud I totally related to the need to rock and to rock "hard" but I really never connected much with the need to dance, so Kevin Bacon was immediately someone I was all that interested in. But over the years, one great movie after another, he worked his way into my respect, and so now I raise a Boss Hog Hickory bacon Martini in his honor.

So what`s Kevin celebrating these days? Well, he recently celebrated his 50th birthday and his 20th wedding anniversary with gorgeous wife Kyra Sedgewick, the sexy star of the television series "The Closer," which Kevin also directs.

Mr. Bacon is developing an upcoming, in-depth television series about John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln and he plays guitar and sings in a very popular L.A. Based band with his brother Michael, appropriately called "The Bacon Brothers!"

So, ya know what, I guess I really have become a fan, especially after his cameo role in an episode of "Will & Grace" a few years back that literally had me rolling on the ground in laughter. He had true comedic talent. Plus, when it comes to playing a deviant, psychotic or emotionally disturbed character, he can literally scare bacon right out you, so let`s raise a glass to Kevin Bacon.

Long may he reign, at least another 25 years or more!

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock

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