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Published:March 12th, 2009 10:03 EST
Harrington Trace introduces Israeli Kosher Olive Oils

Harrington Trace introduces Israeli Kosher Olive Oils

By Rocco Loosbrock

As a business owner of the Coastal Vineyards Food and Wine Company one might think I spend my entire day eating and drinking food " I must admit I do a lot of that!  However there are a lot of business things that need to be done as well like managing your bank accounts.  To make a long story short I am at the bank talking to a representative who tells me that his brother in law makes a very unique olive oil.  In fact so unique its imported from Israel and its Kosher!  What?

Well to say the least I was interested and contacted John McBride, the president of Harrington Trace, he explained that the company sought out Israeli olive oil specifically to fill a void in the marketplace. With the growing surge in the popularity of olive oil, products from Italy, Spain and Greece are readily available to American consumers. Israeli oils are still relatively rare in the U.S. In keeping with its market strategy of introducing under-represented gourmet-quality foods and beverages to the American market, McBride said, Harrington Trace selected the three Israeli Gold varietals for introduction in 2005 According to McBride, even identical varieties of olive oil produce a distinctive taste depending on the country of production. Just like fine wines, olive oils embody the geography and climate of the place where the fruit is grown, he said. McBride said Harrington Trace wanted to offer consumers the unique flavor characteristics of Israeli oil in unblended varietals, adding that the Barnea and Soury varietals are rarely seen in the United States.

Israeli Gold oils are bottled in 375ml cobalt blue European glass bottles, a unique and distinctive look for the product. The bottle was chosen in part for its beauty, but primarily because of its ability to protect the oil from the degradation that can occur when oils are subjected to light,. McBride said.  Israeli Gold olive oils are available direct to consumers on the web at


Rocco Loosbrock


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