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Published:March 13th, 2009 21:14 EST
Forget Popeye! Dewey and Olive Oil are the Perfect Combination

Forget Popeye! Dewey and Olive Oil are the Perfect Combination

By Rocco Loosbrock

Recently I had the opportunity to sample the olive oils of Dewey Lucero of Lucero Olive Oil who shares the same passion we have about Olive Oil at the Coastal Vineyards Olive Oil Club.  They are dedicated to providing excellent service and premium quality products!  They have the ability to mill and produce all their olive oils and can adhere to the highest of standards, quality and freshness. 

Lucero Olive Oil received top honors at the First Annual California Olive Oil Council Awards, receiving the top honor "Best of Show" for their Ascolano single variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The competition judged 106 of California`s best olive oils. In total, Lucero was awarded seven medals - four silver, two gold and "Best Of Show".

With California Olive Oil accounting for nearly 99% of the olive oil production in the United States, these prestigious awards further establish Lucero Olive Oil as the premier producer of olive oil not only in California, but across the country. As the industry continues its rapid growth and expansion, Lucero Olive Oil has once again found itself at the top of an impressive field, leading the way with more gold medals (18 total) than any other California olive oil producer since 2006.

An industry leader from the first harvest in 2006, Lucero Olive Oil now has 40 medals honoring its product line. With a rich heritage and a passionate commitment to excellence, Lucero Olive Oil strives to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. The continued success of Lucero Olive Oil, echoed in its numerous awards and accolades, is due to its ongoing commitment to growing, harvesting, milling, refining and bottling an ultra-fresh, superior product.

Projected growth of the California Olive Oil industry is estimated to more than triple its olive oil production over the next five years. Lucero Olive Oil is well-positioned to remain an industry leader for decades to come.

"The goal of Lucero Olive Oil has always been to take our family`s years of experience and use that to create a superior product for our customers," said Dewey Lucero, owner, Lucero Olive Oil. "To receive the honor of Best in Show as well as the numerous other awards truly reaffirms the goals that we continue to work towards every day.  As a whole, the California olive oil industry needs to continue pushing forward, producing world class olive oils, and strive to become world leaders in the industry.  This is a very exciting time for all of us.""


Rocco Loosbrock


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