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Published:March 25th, 2009 10:07 EST
The Origins of Daddy Cakes

The Origins of Daddy Cakes

By Rocco Loosbrock

Bacon Freak was born because of our love of eating breakfast!  I just love Bacon and well pretty much anything!  Since we launched Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix I can`t stop thinking about pancakes.  Maple syrup and butter on top of a nice short stack of pancakes - oh yummy!
 Like any gourmet food junkie, I started looking for those who know how to make pancake mix BATTER than anyone else!  My search concluded with a company here in Southern California called Daddy Cakes Pancakes that makes really awesome pancakes!

I spoke with Daniel Byers co founder of Daddy Cakes.  He has a passion for what he does and he shared with me the origins of daddy cakes.

It is not common to hear of a young man`s childhood dreams of creating a "baking mix company," but little did brothers Dan Byers and Levi Silva know that they would grow up to do just that. Their story does not involve accounts of staying up late at night, dreaming of the perfect pancake mix, or spending hours in the kitchen experimenting with flavors instead of playing with the neighborhood kids, but it does lead to the development of one of the most popular pancake and waffle mixes available today: Daddy Cakes!

Before going into business together, brothers Byers and Silva, the founders and creative chefs behind the Newport Beach-based Daddy Cakes brand, always harbored a tremendous sense of family and tradition. Both grew up experiencing an American tradition - the pancake breakfast. As they started their own families, they grew tired of the many mediocre pancake mixes available to them, and separately, each began developing their own personal mixes that their families could enjoy. They utilized real fruit, whole grains and organic flour available to them in their local markets, creating a variety of flavorful and wholesome flavors.

When it came time for family gatherings, the families experienced a showdown, of sorts, in the kitchen. Armed with spatulas and supported by armies of hungry onlookers, each demonstrated a competitive spirit and delivered an equally delicious product. After a few of these "Iron Chef pancake breakfasts," Byers and Silva discovered that they could make better baked goods using their own mixes, which were healthier and tastier than anything they could find in the best gourmet market - that`s when everything changed.

The two decided to take their competitive spirit and join forces to make their mixes available for anyone looking for a great product. They wanted to keep things simple for today`s fast-paced world, so that breakfast could be more accessible and easier for active families. They also wanted to be sure to keep the lively and fun spirit that the brand was founded upon, so they created packaging that was a throwback to the notion of family unity and togetherness that pancake breakfasts stood for in the past.

In July 2007, Daddy Cakes launched its first product to "test the waters" and after being well received by family, friends and complete strangers, the brothers decided to forge full steam ahead.

Within a year, the Daddy Cakes brand came to consist of nine flavors of pancake mixes, all of which are vegetarian, with three 100% organic flavors & six vegan flavors.

The complete Daddy Cakes product line can be found online at

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock 


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