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Published:April 19th, 2009 13:37 EST
Bacon Freak Gets The 2 Noose Salute At Suicide Food!

Bacon Freak Gets The 2 Noose Salute At Suicide Food!

By Rocco Loosbrock

Life isn`t always quiet and fun as it may seem out here at Bacon Freak Ranch. It can actually get a little testy and nerve racking out in the Pig Pen at times. Believe it or not, even here at, there actually are people out there who will say the nastiest, meanest, most vile things in the world against you just because "you like to eat bacon" and "they don`t!"

That`s usually about as creative and expressive as it gets. Most of the nasty remarks and arguments are amazingly rude and generally presented so illogically, irrationally and basically, "stupidly," that they simply aren`t worthy of repeating or responding to.

But along came the folks over at "Suicide Food," a blog dedicated to pointing a bony finger of indignation at the numerous meat packaging companies who provide their clients the very meat the so very much want to eat, in packaging that features attractive or cute  caricatures of the animals them selves on the packaging.

"Suicide Food" released their featured shot at us here at Bacon Freak, and frankly, we were impressed. Obviously we totally disagree with their major premise and stance against our view that "Bacon is Meat Candy," but they were pretty clever and creative in the manner in which they made their argument, and we respect that.

Respect it so much, that we`re actually here telling our friends, customers and members about their post designed to "take us to task" over our premium quality gourmet bacon  and the attractive and creatively cool packaging we deliver it to you in.

They start out their post by taking their initial shots at you, the bacon enthusiast (Forgive them, for they know "not" what they do):

 "ironic adoration of bacon has never been taken to such an extreme. The baconcult has always been tedious, ranking up there with the winking obsession for retro bowling attire and bad television."

However, it doesn`t take them long to get their gun pointed back directly at Bacon Freak:

"For instance, this pig wearing a shirt that bears the likeness of a pig and extols the dubious virtues of bacon. For bacon is so magical that even pigs love it. Yes, even amateur rebels appreciate having permission! And fear not-the pigs approve! So indulge your every appetite! Satisfy your every craving! No one`s stopping you! The pigs have given you the keys to their greasy city."

OK, so clearly these people have never gotten out of the city and actually spent any time out in nature with actual, live pigs, because those of us, who have, know for a fact that real pigs actually LOVE to eat bacon.  I don`t blame them for never getting out of the city to learn this fact, but hey, even a computer geek online can check out You Tube and watch this video of a pig happily munching a bunch of bacon.

I mean, it`s not like we`re out there actually suggesting wild and crazy ideas, like animals eat other animals. Certainly we would never suggest that out in nature, an animal would actually eat another animal.

OK, so the video proves that pigs eat bacon, but certainly fish wouldn`t eat other fish, or insects wouldn`t eat other insects. Next thing you`ll be telling me that, heaven`s forbid, some mammals actually eat other mammals as well or the drink the milk or eat the eggs of other living entities.

Hey, if you really want to go after a crazy, mean spirited cannibal, go after the Pillsbury Doughboy, always hungrily sniffing the backing remnants of his dough friends and family, talking about how good they smell and how delicious they will be! Now that, my friend, is freaky!

But "Suicide Food," actually does begin to be swayed by the creativity in our clever presentation and even "THEY" start to have some fun and joke around about some of the fun things we do here at Bacon Freak, by adding this as a closing addendum:

Addendum: We can`t help but be "impressed" with the presentation of this product. Nauseatingly called "piglets," these bacon pieces are shown in a serving dish shaped like a pig`s head. Finally! Man is free to safely give in to his desire to eat the brains of a piglet with his fingers!

We think these people are OK, they`re clever, they mean well, and they say what they want to say in a very well written and interesting presentation. Check them out at:

Signing off at Pigging out!
Rocco "Boss Hog" Loosbrock  

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